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    Posted August 17, 2013 by
    Cairo, Egypt
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    Protests in Egypt: Your experiences

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    Egyptian Army and Police target practice on a Mosque refugee with live ammo and on each other with empty ammo

    After another bloody day on Friday of Fury when all counties of Egypt took to the streets protesting the bloody coup the Army choppers along with rooftop snipers and police officers took the lives of at least 120 protesters to martyrdom. The day almost ended quietly by the peaceful protesters except for two Mosques in Cairo downtown near the main Train Station where dead bodies were waiting for ambulance transport side to side with some injured people and mere Egyptian who took refuge of the worship house from the bullets of the Police and Army snipers. Breaking the formal curfew outside the mosque were army of thugs side by side along the police special forces.
    Pro Morsi woman citizen Shaimaa and her wireless tablet camera with Skype revealed the ugly face of lies and sadism of the coup militants on CNN so a BIG PRODUCTION PLAY was needed for cover up.

    Allied Forces of Egypt's Army, Police and thugs staged fire fight between Security Forces on Camera to frame the refugees who has been inside AlFat'h Mosque for almost a whole night and day. One or two shooyters climbed the minaret with guns and started shooting in at noon. The minaret of the Mosque is sealed from the refugees' side so who is up there firing rounds of bullets in the air killing not even one thug or soldier on the ground? TV anchor Shereef who supports Morsi among the refugees says that this a security TV play to frame them. Why else they did not use that alleged weapon they hold all night when there were less chances of getting caught?The minaret is inaccessible from INSIDE the Mosque so no refugee unarmed or armed in any way, since yesterday and till today, can even if ever exist climb the minaret in the first place. The two entrances to the minaret are only accessible from outside the prayer hall since the minaret is rarely climbed for loud speaker maintenance and never from prayer performers' side.

    How else anyone can explain:
    Shooting from high structure, on an open area with so many surrounding thugs as targets on the ground ... And not a SINGLE person on the ground was killed or even Injured ...

    A real Joke!!! or false ammo???

    A logical explanation is: The play writers were asleep last night so the security forces had to wait till noon and after for them to write and for producers to produce. compare to the presidential guard club play the response time was immediate because the scene was written few nights ago and only production was carried out at dawn.
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