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    Peter Thomas Tells Truth About Carpet Cleaning

    For as long as I can remember we as a nation have always had good intentions when we speak to someone on the phone. But when it comes to booking something as basic as a carpet cleaning company – are we asking
    the right questions?

    When I receive a carpet cleaning inquiry over the phone, it’s almost frightening to know that people just do not know what questions they should be asking. The first question I get after saying “hello Carpet Cleaning Kensington 4u, this is Peter Thomas speaking how can I help you?” is How much is it to clean my lounge or my bedroom or Hallway. To the majority this may sound logical, but to a professional carpet cleaner it’s like asking how long is a piece of string.

    It’s when I put myself in the callers’ shoes that I see where the problem lies. The majority of the general public have been conditioned to ask questions like that. In the trade we call it “price shopping”, calling one company after another until we hear the price that sounds fair in our head.

    A reputable carpet cleaning company would ideally need to see the carpet first, to know what fibres it is made of, also the type of soiling that it has. Some companies may be able to ask you questions that will build quite a good picture over the phone. Knowing the size of the room is important to us because we charge per square foot, which most properly trained carpet cleaners, will do also; beware of those that do not ask you that question over the phone.

    The first question the general public should be asking is “Could you tell me what procedure do you use to clean carpets?” Why is this so important? Because it will very quickly weed out the cowboys from the professionals. Knowing the manner your carpets will be cleaned in is more important than the cost.

    I’m sure many of us have heard the nightmare stories about carpet cleaners coming into your home and ruining your carpets. The number one reason why this happens is because the person doing the cleaning is not properly trained. He has been shown how to clean carpets from Bob down the pub! But how would you know this just by speaking to them over the phone? Well the answer is really easy; just ask the right questions like “Columbo” and all will be revealed.

    Anyone who has been trained in carpet cleaning will know how to answer that question you asked when you said “Please could you tell me what procedure you use to clean carpets?” If the carpet cleaning company asks “what do you mean by procedure?” be very weary of that answer even if they are only charging a few bucks to clean your room.

    A reputable carpet cleaning company will say “The first thing we do is vacuum your carpet. The second thing they should mention is that they will apply a pre-spray to your carpet; this pre-spray will treat a lot of the stains in your carpet as well as condition it. The third thing they should mention is that the pre-spray will be agitated into your carpet with a brush or machine. The fourth thing they should mention is that this pre-spray will then be rinsed out by means of hot water extraction, which will free the carpet of dirt, bacteria and pollens in the carpet. The fifth thing they may mention is that your carpet will be groomed afterwards. Grooming is running a rake like brush over your carpet which will make it look more presentable.

    These procedures are not something that our company has made up, it is what the industry recommends, and any carpet cleaning company who are fully trained, is well aware of this fact.

    Sadly a lot of companies in our profession could not care less about being properly trained. They bank on the fact that the general public do not know the first thing about carpet cleaning. This results in them coming into your home or office, and cleaning your carpets before you can blink an eyelid.

    The more questions you ask your potential carpet cleaning company is the better the chances of you ending up with a firm that will do a great job, and give you piece of mind. You could also ask do they belong to any associations; if so, would they be willing to give you a phone number so you can call and see? Do they have any references or testimonials from people they have done carpet cleaning for? Again you can check to see if this is true.

    Ask them will they give you a written quote, which is another good sign of their integrity. Do they offer any guarantees if some marks reappear after they have gone? Asking these basic questions will get you the right carpet cleaning company to your home or office.

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