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    Toontown Closure: Hearts Shattered, Kids Crying, Hope Lost


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     bloodwolf8, 32, a user in Singapore, says, 'I want this game to stay open not for me but for the many kids and adults who depend on this game to get through everyday life's problems. The ones with cancers, with disabilities, with low self-esteem, with no friends in real life. This game is a home to us, a place where we can be who we are, where we can just be normal without discrimination and judgement.'

    Please note that CNN cannot independently confirm some of the details noted in this iReport.

    Disney issued this statement about the game: 'Disney Interactive is committed to offering high-quality, entertaining play experiences in both online virtual worlds and mobile apps. At this time, we are shifting our development focus towards other online and mobile play experiences, such as Club Penguin and a growing selection of Disney Mobile apps.'
    - nsaidi, CNN iReport producer

    I am one of many people from all over the world who play Disney's online game Toontown Online. Yesterday they announced they were shutting the game down for good on 19th Sept 2013.
    I am asking to let this story be heard because Disney is unaware or doesn't care how many lives will be destroyed by this closure. How much hope will be lost.
    I know of families who play this game together; fathers & mothers with their children as family bonding time.

    I know of a little boy who is maybe 5 to 7 years old. Had a horse fell on him and crushed his legs. He also has breathing problems. He started playing Toontown 2 years ago as means to cope with the pain. He's the sweetest and smartest kid you can meet. For his age, hes always polite, kind and helpful. Plays the game really well, you had think he was a teen or a grown-up. His family met up with his doctors in the event of an emergency, they are going to break the news to him today August 21st 2013. They have to tell their son; their brother, hey sorry but the game you been playing is gonna close. A young little boy who doesn't know anything but this game which brings him hope and joy will have it crushed on Sept 19th 2013. His family is going to go all out to help max his toon so he will have something to remember about.

    This little boy is just one of many people, kids and adults alike who have used this game as a means of escape; as a way to cope with the pain and fear, as their chance to be normal, something they can't be in real life due to illness like cancer and disabilities like autism, paralysis. This game also gave kids and adults who are suicidal a reason to to live because of the friends they have met and made on this game. This game gave people hope in a world that is so cruel and unfair to many.

    This is a message from someone who plays Toontown :

    "I just got on computer, since i am limited to time up and just saw the news from Disney, this affects me very badly, due to the fact that I only have played this game and it has helped me with my disabilities, now I don't know what I will do, I have met such wonderful friends here and I do hope we stay in touch here on Skype, I love you all and hugs, ;("

    Some like her are lucky, we have Skype to stay in touch. For many others there is no way to stay in touch except through this game.

    Yes, cheaters made the game impossible to play. Disney had to close it several times to try and fix the problems caused. These people claimed they did it so Disney will fix the bugs in the software. What they did instead was destroyed the game and people's lives.

    Disney is worse though, they gave in, they surrendered. They let the cheaters win! They only care about cutting their losses and moving on. They do not care how many lives gets burned along the way.

    Disney is suppose to be a family oriented company. This is a perfect example that they are not. For besides Toontown Online, they are also shutting down 2 other online games on the same day : Pirates Of The Caribbean Online and Pixie Hollow.

    Please get this story out, help us get our cries to Disney to make them aware that what they are doing is wrong. That they are taking away hope and joy from kids and adults alike who love this game. That they are taking away our will to live and fight to face another day. That they made little kids cry non-stop, that hearts are breaking over this.
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