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    Bill Gobin: Not Just An Actor

    Just like most kids growing up everyone loved their toys. If you were a boy it was G.I Joe/ action figures or Barbie’s for the girls. But, for Bill Gobin, it was movies. Mr. Gobin has always had a love for television and film since he was a child. Gobin states, “ It was something that intrigued me.” I definitely began to enjoy the interview with Bill because I’m a movie buff myself. Mr. Gobin worked in Los Angles as a life coach and trainer before acting became one of his other loves. When it came to acting, Mr. Gobin got in character and did his work. I found it very surprising that he never step foot in an acting class or film school! Talk about natural talent. My mouth dropped when he told me he had no training. I guess some people are really born with it.

    When he was on set of his first film, I just had to ask if he was nervous. He stated that he felt like he was at home. The character that he portrayed was a hit man it was dark. He had to put himself into that dark place. Bill states, “ I have to become the character when acting.” I thoroughly enjoyed that answer because I know some actors have a hard time getting into character from trying to remember there lines, etc. This is a tough business, but Mr. Gobin makes it look easy. After watching his reel, I was impressed with his acting skills and wide range that he has.

    When I am interviewing screenwriters, directors, and actors, I always ask, are there any regrets? Some hesitate or pause at first. I was waiting for that from Mr. Gobin but he quickly said, “ No. It’s a rough road for anyone to be successful.” He loves what he does and just like me anyone can respect that. I was told by lots of people in the business that success doesn’t come easy. I see that now. Mr. Gobin shows that you have to work to get to where you want to be. The most difficult part of being an actor according to Mr. Gobin, he says, “ The opportunities, the geographical aspect of it all. I can’t just pick and go to LA anymore like I used to. I also inquired about how some actors may sell themselves just to get to the top. Mr. Gobin feels that some people do it for a reason. He wouldn’t do it but for those that do they have a reason and it can be good or bad. It can come back to haunt them.

    Currently Mr. Gobin is working on a film called Robot/Girlfriend with Stephen Stix Josey who plays a co-lead and is producing the film, and Timothy “ Tim” Paul Taylor who is also producing the film. Mr. Gobin says that the writer John Cosper did a great job. He instantly fell in love with the script. Gobin plays a guy named Daniel, who is the lead and a playboy. Without disclosing too much there will be a surprise character, so stay tuned!! It will be out soon. Timothy Taylor chose Gobin for the role of Daniel after they wrapped a film called “Three Terrors On Blood Stained Flesh” where he played a character named Domnick. Another film titled Primal Instinct a film also with Stephen Stix Josey where they both will be producing the film as well. This movie entails a straight –laced attorney who comprises his morals to represent something with guilt. It can make his career or it can change his life forever. Wow, I can’t wait to see that movie! Mr. Gobin loves that this film shows a man who has lived by his values all of his life. But, the consequences of his decisions are life changing.

    I always ask for any advice that people in the business can give for aspiring filmmakers. Mr. Gobin states, “ Just go for it!” He quotes Will Smith, : Don’t have a Plan B because it distracts Plan A.” When he said that I became truly inspired because I feel that this rings true. Gobin’s other influences are Al Pachino, Jamie Foxx, “ to watch him become a character is great”, Robert Dinero and Anthony Quinn, “ I used to watch his movies with my grandfather.” In the future Mr. Gobin sees himself still acting, and working on projects. He is working on a project currently that networks are looking at. Mr. Gobin states, “ I see myself doing bigger and bigger projects with better opportunities.”

    Favorite Quote: “ You have two choices in life, follow your dreams or you will work for someone who did. ~Unknown

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