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    Posted August 23, 2013 by

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    Whats going on in Syria?

    In Syria there is a big mess going on right now. The people are rebelling against their leader, because they want to changer there government. The U.S. and Europe are both supporting the rebellions who want to change their government. Since these people are rioting against their leader, there leader has decided to do things back to them so they will stop. Al Assad starts to use chemical weapons to kill all the people that are rioting against him. Special chemical agents have gone into the country to try and find these weapons that are being used for all the killings of the people.
    Their leader is saying that they will not stop bringing weapons into their country. Other countries are thinking that he is getting ready to attack somewhere, he wants to attack Israel. The government made them set chemical bobs off so that people would die and stop rioting. They have now ordered more weapons to come in but then at the same time they are denying that they even used chemicals in there bombing. This is an allegation. We know that they used chemicals because people died from that stuff being in there system and they have ordered more of theme kind of weapons.
    If I was in charge of the United States I would be on a high alert in case they set some of these bobs off in our country. I think that we should become involved because we can’t just sit there and watch them riot against their government which we want to get changed. I don’t think we would have to necessarily send an army down there but at least give support like weapons and equipment to the people that are rioting against them. That way we will give them a chance to fight back but we really are not going to enter the war.
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