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    Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty): Advancements, Options, Expectations & Cost


    MIAMI, FLORIDA -- After losing weight, some people are left with excess skin around their mid-section and would like to have that skin removed. One of the options for this is to have abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery. This procedure eliminates excess fat or skin from around the mid-section or stomach area and strengthens or reinstates divided or weakened abdominal muscles resulting in a firmer appearance and feel.


    Before deciding on whether or not to have this procedure, it is important to consult with a doctor and to be truthful in your answers because this can impact the success and safety of the surgery.


    Be prepared to answer questions about why you want the surgery, your expectations and desired outcome from the surgery, any previous surgeries, any current medications you may be taking including vitamins or supplements, tobacco or alcohol use, and any medical history, allergies or treatments.


    Do some research before your appointment so that you are prepared to ask questions about procedure options, potential complications, recovery times, and pricing. Your health insurance probably will not cover this procedure, so ask about payment plans.


    Ask about the surgeon’s training and qualification and how many procedures similar to yours that this doctor has performed. Do not be shy about asking these questions. A qualified doctor has no problem answering and will be glad that you asked.


    Are You a Good Candidate?


    Tummy tucks are often used after pregnancy, weight loss, aging, and in some cases of hereditary issues. This is a procedure that varies with the individual. The best candidates are those who have worked hard to get rid of stubborn deposits of fat and excess skin around their belly using diet and exercise, but have had no success.


    They are generally healthy and maintain a steady weight, do not smoke and have realistic expectations about the outcome of this surgery. Most women who have tummy tuck surgery are done having children because the tummy tuck procedure will tighten the vertical muscles in the abdominal wall.


    Tummy Tuck Techniques


    There are several types of tummy tuck techniques. The right one for an individual will depend upon a number of factors including their overall general health, how much excess skin needs to be removed, body shape and size, as well as other things.


    Most surgeons will try and use the technique that will leave the smallest incision scar in the least noticeable place and that will be covered by a regular bikini.


    Extended Tummy Tuck


    The extended tummy tuck is typically used for those individuals who are overweight and who also have fatty deposits on their hips, thighs, back, sides, and abdomens. This is a more costly and extensive procedure and requires a longer recovery and patients must be in good overall health.


    This procedure can combine a tummy tuck with liposuction to remove excess skin from more than one area. This is a good procedure for those individuals who have lost a great deal of weight and who have excess sagging skin that needs to be lifted and firmed.


    A Complete Tummy Tuck


    This is a procedure to tighten abdominal muscles loosened from pregnancy or weight loss from bariatric surgery. Also, older patients who have excess skin from aging can benefit from a complete tummy tuck. This is a less extensive surgery than the extended tummy tuck, however this is the most invasive tummy tuck surgery and results in pain, bruising, and swelling.


    This tummy tuck surgery typically results in a new navel because the skin is pulled down and re-draped over the belly button. This is usually done so that it is hidden by a bikini bottom. A complete tummy tuck is only for individuals in good overall general health and this procedure has a significant recovery period.


    Tumescent Tummy Tuck


    A tumescent tummy tuck is a form of liposuction and removes excess fat and skin from around the abdomen. This type of tummy tuck is good for individuals with good skin elasticity and pockets of fat on the lower abdomen and around the navel.


    The tumescent tummy tuck has a number of benefits over the other tummy tuck procedures including reduced recovery time and reduced cost. Many times a tumescent tummy tuck can be performed as an outpatient procedure and the patient may go home the same day.


    Mini Tummy Tuck


    The mini tummy tuck is like a complete tummy tuck, but does not have the belly button incision. The mini tummy tuck is often done as an outpatient procedure and the patient can go home that day. This procedure is appropriate for individuals with excess fat or skin located below the belly button.


    The incision is significantly smaller than that made for the complete tummy tuck and does not leave a scar around the navel.


    How Much Does It Cost?


    Costs for a tummy tuck will depend upon where you live and who does the procedure, but in general the cost of a tummy tuck will include the facility fees, the anesthesiologist’s fee, and of course, the surgeon’s fee. There will also be other fees including lab work and pre and post-surgical testing and medications.


    In general the cost of a tummy tuck procedure will range from $3,500 to $10,000 and will average around $5,000. A mini tummy tuck will cost less than a complete tummy tuck and an extended tummy tuck will be the most expensive procedure of all.


    Tummy tuck surgery is not without risks and these should certainly be considered before making the decision to move forward with the surgery. Risks with tummy tuck surgery include bleeding, infection, blood clots, and scar tissue buildup. Be sure and discuss these risks and any other possible complications with your doctor.


    It is critical to consider the skill and qualifications of the doctor in addition to the cost of the procedure when making your decision about tummy tuck surgery.


    About Dr. Carlos Spera


    Dr. Carlos Spera was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Following his fathers footsteps, a pioneer in plastic surgery and world renowned, Dr. Spera started his career in this specialty from the young age of 21. He graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina and after completing his training received a certification from the Argentinian Board in both general and plastic surgery.


    After working in Massachusetts and New York, Dr. Spera opened his South Florida Practice. He is board certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and has over 30 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery. His scientific work and excellent results transcends frontiers. He receives patients from all different places worldwide, who search for his experience and dedication. Learn more at CarlosSpera.com.

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