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    Calf Implants (Augmentation): Advancements, Options, Expectations & Cost


    Understanding Calf Augmentation (Calf Implants)


    Are you so unhappy with the shape and size of your calf muscles that you never wear short garments so nobody will have to see them. Sometimes even people who exercise a lot cannot improve the shape of their legs. This might depend upon simple genetics, the type of sports you enjoy, and even deformities or nerve disease. There might be some very good reasons to consider having calf implants added to improve your appearance.


    Why Do People Get Calf Augmentation Performed?


    These implants are done for cosmetic reasons. In other words, this surgery improves appearance. Some people might just want to look better, but others might have suffered from an injury or disease that actually caused a deformity.


    Men might want to have cosmetic calf augmentation done for different reasons than women do. Males usually want to make their calves appear stronger and more developed. This might be because their thighs are well developed, but their lower legs look skinny. Women might simply want their lower legs to be in balance with their upper legs so their legs appear in proportion.


    Serious body builders might want to improve their general appearance of balance and symmetry for competitions. Some people have an easy time developing very well developed thigh muscles, but they have a hard time developing their calf muscles. Since body builders are judged by the way they look, and not their actual strength, this type of surgery may be beneficial.


    How Much Do Calf Implants Cost?


    You should not expect your health insurance to pay for a purely cosmetic procedure. You and your doctor might convince your insurer to pay if you want this surgery because of a disease or deformity. For example, some diseases might cause an unbalanced appearance. In any case, you should check on your insurer's willingness to pay well in advance. This type of surgery will cost thousands of dollars and does require recovery time.


    The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that the average surgeon's fee is over $3,000. This does not include any other associated costs like facility fees, pain medication, or anesthetics. You might expect the cost to actually double the surgeon's fees after you add everything up. Expect to pay $4500 to $6000 for the procedure.


    If your health insurance does not cover any part of the procedure, you will probably have to pay for your complete procedure before you have it done. In some cases, you might be able to arrange financing so you can make payments over time.


    Also expect to be out of commission for awhile. You will not be able to walk much or do much of anything with your legs for a few days. It's advisable to lie in bed with your legs elevated. You will need to rely on other people for assistance and will certainly not be allowed to walk or drive to work. In fact, you may even need help to get to the bathroom.


    After about ten days, most patients can walk around and resume moderate activities. It's inadvisable to do strenuous exercise for about a month. Expect to feel pain and tenderness for awhile after this procedure too. It is important to take your recovery slowly for the best results.


    What To Expect After Recovery?


    After recovery, your leg muscles should be back to normal. The insertion of these implants does not include cutting any existing muscle tissue, but simply putting implants over them.


    Understand that calf implants do not make you any stronger. They are purely used for cosmetic reasons.


    Who Can Have Calf Implant Surgery?


    If you are in relatively good health, you can be considered for this type of surgery. Before having any invasive procedure done, you will certainly be required to have a thorough checkup to be sure you are in shape for the operation.


    Should You Have Calf Augmentation Surgery?


    If you are relatively healthy, can afford the procedure, and would like to improve the appearance of your calves, you might consider this type of cosmetic surgery. If you suffer from a disease or deformity, you might even be able to get our insurer or some charitable health foundation to help pay for it. Just understand that it is invasive surgery, and you will have to allocate recovery time to ensure success.


    About Dr. Carlos Spera


    Dr. Carlos Spera was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Following his fathers footsteps, a pioneer in plastic surgery and world renowned, Dr. Spera started his career in this specialty from the young age of 21. He graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina and after completing his training received a certification from the Argentinian Board in both general and plastic surgery.


    After working in Massachusetts and New York, Dr. Spera opened his South Florida Practice. He is board certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and has over 30 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery. His scientific work and excellent results transcends frontiers. He receives patients from all different places worldwide, who search for his experience and dedication. Learn more at CarlosSpera.com.

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