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    Manhattan Beach, California
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    The Legacy of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) & LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc. form an affiliation


    The Legacy of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) and LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc. launch an affiliation to have the LCE Black Box installed first in Africa and then all countries across the world creating jobs and a global trading platform.


    Aug. 26, 2013 - MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. -- The Legacy of A Better Community For All and LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc. are entering into an affililation to have the LCE Black Box installed first in Africa and then all countries across the world. The joint venture will be creating jobs as well as a global trading platform.


    With intention to create internship opportunities & jobs, installation of the LCE Black Box technology is anticipated to result in a significant decrease in unemployment. This global outcome is based on the nature of the network technology and the ability of users to earn income simply by having access to the network via a no-cost smart phone to be provided by ABC4All Associate, Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC).


    The LCE’s Black Box technology Series 0001 Global Communications Device (GCD), together with LCE’s manufacturing, delivery, maintenance and technical support of the LCE Blackbox hardware are being provided by LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc., Dennis Matthews, CEO. Please visit http://lcenb.com.


    The joint venture between LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc. and The Legacy of ABC4All brings with it a vast network of ABC4All Partners and Mentors presently in 119 countries via the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project. Please visit http://projects.tigweb.org/abc4allglobalteam


    The LCE Black Box represents a GCD package integrated with satellite technology to be installed initially within Africa, to be followed by all countries in the world. The technology is a solution for a comprehensive Global Trade for Peace Network, telemedicine, educational programs, faith-based programs with simplification of the integration of technology into trade, telemedicine, educational and ministerial services.


    In addition to being integrated with the satellite technology, highlight features include, but are not limited to: (1) firmware that supports high quality video over low bandwidth channels, and (2) LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc.’s association with an existing worldwide 53-satellite network.


    The GCD will carry events and messages to millions of people with computers and hand held devices using the latest in digital information and satellite technologies providing instant access to programs and information. The 53 satellites that are presently circling the globe will enable the technology. This capability avoids any connection difficulties, so common with Internet connections, including in the remotest locations in the world.


    In a separate press release issued on 7/22/13, The Legacy of ABC4All announced the association between ABC4All and Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC) to create a secure network, to be set up in cooperation with LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc., that allows every participant to earn income while being assured of complete and total privacy, security and protection of one’s identity. Please visit The Legacy of ABC4All at http://loa.abc4all.net, SMRC at http://socialmarketresearchforcharity.org and the press release, “Legacy of ABC4All/SMRC protecting people’s real and social identity all for no out-of-pocket cost.” at http://prlog.org/12172818.


    Prior contracts already completed by LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc. are found at http://lcenb.com/contracts/.


    LCE’s Black Box was developed by inner city born, disabled veteran Dennis Mathews. The military started a program titled “Joint Tactical Radio System” and spent decades and $5.6 billion researching and attempting to develop a unified secure communications device. The program was eventually abandoned. Mathews, seeing the need for such a device, worked on the project by himself with no government funding.


    After years of development and testing, LCE’s Black Box now has been working in many locations across the world. The past contracts reveal various stages of deployment since 2002. LCE technology currently supports millions of users in a variety of educational, religious and commercially oriented global networks. Envisioned is a full trade platform for international commercial activity.


    The LCE Blackbox: Series 0001 will be used as the hardware solution for network installation utilized by religious groups, ministries, academia and trade concerns worldwide as well as for The ABC4All-TV WorldWide Network (AWWN). Please visit http://awwn.abc4all.net




    The ABC4All Global Social Philanthropic Exchange Network (GSPEN) including the LCE Black Box GCD and the SMRC capabilities offer the world an unprecedented network, the ABC4All WorldWide Network (AWWN), providing a definitive solution to people’s identity and privacy problems, to poverty and unemployment and to the need for global communication including in remote locations: http://awwn.abc4all.net
          · Protecting people’s real and social identity all for no out-of-pocket cost via SMRC, a social analytics and social economic monetization service
          · Including email problems, with a SmartPhone, SMS, Skype & Wi-Fi.
          · By-invitation-only, 100% Personalized Social Counterpart to Search service.
          · Earning income simply by using the no-cost smart phone




    Dennis Matthews was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and lived in an orphanage. He was raised in Huntsville, Alabama, by his Grandmother Mattie Lee Allen. Dennis overcame hardships and has become a consistent overachiever. Video technology has enabled Dennis to achieve goals. One of these goals is to bring people together all over the world using his technology.


    Dennis graduated with Honors in Electronic Engineering, and served five years in the Marines. Finally, his career took off when he created a way to set up computer networking and video conferencing. The different companies and agencies that he created this technology for are: the Pentagon, U.S. Army, EPA, Federal Aviation Administration, Langley U.S. Air Force Base and the Elmendorf Anchorage Alaska AFB. He has subcontracted for IBM, Citicorp, Unisys, and many other top Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.


    Dennis is also a board member of the NGO African Diaspora Foundation, United Nations Association, US-Africa Chamber of Commerce and the United States International Mission.


    Mr. Matthews founded his first company LCE as a DBA in 1987 while working at the Dow Jones / Wall Street Company as an Earth Station technician for satellite communications. LCE Newport Beach IT Inc was started in February 2011. The company specializes in technology and construction. It is a Small Disabled Veteran Owned Business (PL 108-193(SDVOBS).


    LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc.
    Dennis Matthews, Founder/CEO

    1176 Sandhill Ave
    Carson, CA 90746
    info@LCEnb.com (mailto:info@LCEnb.com)


    Burton Danet, Ph.D., Founder, The Legacy of ABC4All:
    Rejuvenated Facilitator & Founder, ABC4All

    abc4allteam @ abc4all (dot) net

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