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    Hal Sashti Vrat, Har Chath or Lalahi Chhath Puja was celebrated on 26 th August 2013

    Hal Shashti or Har chatt or Lalhi or Lalita Vrat is observed on the Shasti of Krishna Paksha in Bhadrapada (July - August ) month of the Hindu calender every year. This day is consider as the birthday of the lord Balram, the elder brother of lord Krishna . The day is also known as Shast or Lalhi Shast or Har Chatt. Shovel and pestle were the main tools of Balram. At some places, this fast is also known as Lalita Vrat. The methods of observing the fast are same everywhere.
    This fast is observed by women who have son.It is mentioned in the Katha that with the blessings of this fast which is suggested by the lord Krishna , Uttara ( From Mahabharata ) had regained her destroyed womb. This fast helps in Vansha Vridhi .The ladies who observe this fast do not eat the food which is ploughed and sown by the shovel.
    Procedure of Fast
    The ladies brush their teeth with the mahua datoon or stick in the morning. The food sown or ploughed with the shovel is not eaten on this day. That is why, women observing fast .

    Hal Shashti puja is observed mainly & especially by women. Women perform the vrata who has male child & for the better health of their children. Women observe fasting on the day and they even avoid taking fruits and milk. The performers of Lalahi Chhath puja clean and sanctify the floor. They keep a stem of straw grass, a type of reed and palaash together to make a plough. Then, they bury it and pray to the sacred well.

    During the Harchhath puja, the performers worship with Satavya. Satavya are the seven types of grams – wheat, jowar, lentil, paddy, moong (kidney beans), gram and corn. A cloth is also offered, kept near the plough and worshipped.

    Lalhi Shashthi Vrat is observed in Bhadrapad month (August - September) in North India and the ritual is also known as Hal Shashti Vrat. Lalhi Shashthi Vrat 2013 date is August 26. The vrat is observed on the sixth day during the Krishna Paksha (waning phase of moon) in Bhadra month.

    A fast is kept on the day by women in North India. Grains produced as a result of ploughing (use of Hal) the ground is not eaten on the day. Milk of buffalo is used on the day.

    Another highlight of the festival is the use of Mahua Twig to brush the teeth on the day.

    Branches of kash, palash and jharberi are worshipped on the day. An offering of seven grains are also made – wheat, rice, maize, gram, moong, arhar and jawar.

    A story associated with the ritual is listened to on the day.
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