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    Eat Chocolate without Getting Fat


    Is it possible to melt the pounds without giving up chocolate? There are many testimonies from dieters who have managed to lose weight while still enjoying a little chocolate but you'll need to be armed with a healthy eating plan and be well disciplined to allow this indulgence to form part of your diet and still lose weight.

    Talk to your doctor or professional nutrition specialist about a diet suitable to your needs. It is important that the majority of your diet is tailored to your health needs and contains wholesome, healthy food. You're going to be adding some chocolate to a healthy diet, not making a diet centered around chocolate!

    Tell your doctor or professional nutrition specialist that you intend to consume a little chocolate as part of your diet plan. They can help you to rejig calories in appropriate places to make room for a treat now and then.

    - Tell your doctor or nutrition specialist that studies have shown that both overweight and obese women have still lost weight while eating chocolate. A Hershey's sponsored study (yes, you need to know it was the chocolate company behind this) showed that both obese and overweight women who continued to follow a healthy diet plan but added little chocolate treats here and there still managed to lose an average of 11 pounds over four months.[1] A big part of this is probably about the relief from constantly thinking about what you're depriving yourself of. If you know that you can have it, then you're more likely to eat it in moderation, in alignment with your healthy eating plan.

    Choose only the very best and purest of dark chocolate. The reason for this is that it is going to give you the greatest nutrition and antioxidant benefits for its calories. Aim to find chocolate that has only a small amount of added sugar and avoid any chocolate with added dairy. The purer this dark chocolate, the better, so look for a chocolate with a high ratio of chocolate solids.

    - Avoid candy chocolate bars, filled chocolates, truffles, chocolate with milk solids, chocolate pastries, etc. These contain a lot of sugar, fat and calories and don't belong in a healthy slimming diet.

    - Dark chocolate that has been flavored with essences or spices can make a nice, calorie-free change from plain dark chocolate. Boutique chocolate stores specialize in such delicious varieties of dark chocolate.

    Eat the chocolate in moderation. Set a limit on how many squares of chocolate you're allowed per treat portion and stick to that. This will allow you set aside guilt. Usually one to two squares is enough per treat time. Whether you treat yourself daily or every few days depends on your diet's treat allowance and your self-discipline at eating only one to two pieces at a time.

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