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    Posted September 1, 2013 by
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    Are chemical weapons a ‘red line’?

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    U.S. military action in Syria is getting strong support

    New York News: The Obama administration on Sunday confidently predicted congressional backing for military action in Syria. Secretary of State John Kerry said, “The case for intervention in Syria’s 2.5 year civil war was strengthening each day and that he expected American lawmakers to recognize the need for action when the “credibility of the United States is on the line.”
    President François Hollande of France, however, on Friday offered strong support for international military action against the Syrian regime.
    New York Rep. Eliot Engel says the United States can’t stand “idly by” and allow governments to use chemical weapons, and said he was convinced by the evidence presented during a White House briefing.
    Albanian new elected Prime Minister Edi Rama said, Albania to support military intervention in Syria. Edi Rama said, “We will stand with our alley USA at any cost”
    Edi Rama said, “We’re all ready for call of duty by President Obama against President Bashar al Assad’s brutal regime.

    “We would have preferred no delay, but the will is clearly there and we respect the internal workings of U.S. democracy,” said a Turkish foreign ministry spokesman.

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday said that an intervention against Syria should be aimed at bringing an end to the rule of Mr. Assad and cautioned against limited strikes that could leave the regime in place.

    Senator John McCain (R., Ariz.) said on Face the Nation said The best way to eliminate the threat of chemical weapons would be to remove Assad from power, McCain said, and the United States should at the very least be providing arms to the “moderate” Syrian rebel groups in an effort to achieve that aim. Mr. McCain warned that the consequences of Congress’s denying authorization to strike now would have “very serious” consequences and send the wrong signal to our enemies.

    “I support the president’s decision,” said Democratic Senator Bill Nelson of Florida. “But as far as I’m concerned, we should strike in Syria today. The use of chemical weapons was inhumane, and those responsible should be forced to suffer the consequences.”

    “U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee, today made the following statement after President Obama asked for congressional authorization to take military action against the Assad regime in Syria.

    “I am very pleased that the president has listened to the suggestion we and many others have made to bring this authorization to Congress. At this point in our country’s history, this is absolutely the right decision, and I look forward to seeing what the Administration brings forward and to a vigorous debate on this important authorization. Further, now that the president has decided to use force and seek authorization, it is imperative that he immediately begins using every ounce of his energy to make his case to the American people,” said Corker. ”

    Sahit Muja a New Yorker and strong supporter of Military action against Syrian regime said, “If the civilized countries around the world fail to respond to this horror in a very strong and meaningful way, there will be no deterrent to Assad or any other bad actor in the world from doing this again and perhaps even worse”.

    Sahit Muja said; This is a principle, remember principles? America once stood for what was right and against what was wrong.
    Murdering hundreds of innocent children with poison gas is wrong, there should be no discussion. What is WRONG with you so called “people” in Russia, China, Iran.

    Mr. Muja said, The world will be at risk allowing madmen to use chemical weapons against innocent civilians anywhere, at anytime. If there are people who will gas Syrians, they will also gas Europeans, Israelis, Americans, or anyone else they dislike, if given the opportunity. The world needs to bring the murderers to justice and destroy Syria’s chemical-biological weapons.
    The whole world needs to take notice that both Russia, Iran and China clearly support the use of chemical weapons when comes to maintaining control of their subjects.

    Sahit Muja added that, The US President Obama has made a perfect choice as to wait for the U.S. Congress to grant him authority to order an attack the world class criminal al-Assad!, the delay that the US President has been absorbed is solely related to the political process of the U.S. laws and he therefore President Obama cannot be responsible for the delay and the consequences caused by the unwanted delay.

    “So, everyone in Syria have to bear this bitterness and absorbed the negative effects caused by the unwanted delay in the decision to make a military attack on a satanic bloodiest dictator al-Assad!. The justice can be served to save numerous innocents in a criminal state , devastated by a criminal ruling organization such as in Syria today”. Sahit Muja said.

    By Edie Gonzales
    New York News

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