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    Life in the early 1980s: Style and politics

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     RomaniaScene reflected on what has changed: 'think that the major changes have been to view the world differently, not just from my own little corner. Since then, I moved from the Northeast to the South of the country and continued my education. In Charleston, I was able to adapt quickly to the different lifestyle and in the meantime met many people from all over the world as it is an international destination. I began to gain interest in other languages, other environments, different ideas, different traditions, etc. and so began to pursue traveling more and more. After earning my masters degree, I then entered the Peace Corps which was a lifelong ambition, spending three years in Romania and then six months in the Kingdom of Tonga, not only meeting people from far and wide, but really learning about them and their own unique cultures, living side by side and working together to assist in furthering their education, the education of their children, and exchanging ideas, eating meals with, going to church with and experiencing holidays with new people who would also shape their own futures as I had. It was the experience of a lifetime and now, I relish learning about other cultures, enjoy traveling very much and study all that I can about the world rather than just the small corner of it in my birthplace of Providence, Rhode Island. It has given me confidence, the chance to be blessed with so many friends from all over the globe, an outlook that is younger than my 55 years and I've been able to realize many dreams while hopefully being the catalyst for others to realize their own. You know, even though I have finished my Peace Corps service for now, I still remain faithful to the ideals of the organization and continue to share with others the everyday moments which make up who each of us are. Now working at a university in China, having visited 30 countries and 27 of our United States, with more than a few more languages, customs, recipes, traditions, acceptances and experiences lived, I realize that this is the pursuit of happiness for me and not the life I once envisioned in my twenties. The 1980's were a huge transition for me and I'm now grateful for a better sense of purpose and a vision that goes beyond work and home, embracing wherever I am as an opportunity to continue to forge friendships, learn new things and be a true citizen of the world.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    Here are some photos of me back when I was in my mid-twenties. Divorced with a two year old and an absentee father, life was really busy and not so hopeful, but I took a job at a health club, taught aerobics and became a successful sales manager and began to think about a different future.

    A lot has gone on since and I am happy to have become the person I now am.

    Then, I was a Democrat, questioned religion, smoked Virginia Slims, was really thin, dated occasionally, and started soon after a career in travel, earning my first degree in business and tourism and continuing my education from there. I am not so thin now, but I still love to have shoulder length hair, although not so puffy!

    I still faithfully watch Jeopardy, have quit smoking over twenty years ago, still love red/coral lipstick and have gained a whole bunch of new friends overseas, and stay in touch by Facebook and Skype with everyone here and there.  I don't exercise incessantly any more if I can help it, I eat a lot more healthy dishes and drink a lot less coffee. I was a fan of hard rock and I still am when the mood strikes me, along with Michael Jackson, Motown, the violin, celtic ballads, country duets and opera which is my absolute favorite.

    I still love walking and swimming, have given up boxing and running, still vote regularly, still read historical fiction and the newspapers, don't visit Florida any more but instead go to so many places around the world since my Peace Corps service happened.  I am now a blessed grandma, don't date anymore, never wear shorts, color my hair when the gray strands appear, and tend to enjoy a whole lot more than I ever expected to back then.

    I am a Republican, prefer life in the south and have taken up much more writing and photography.  I attend church regularly as an Anglican but was raised as a Catholic, I do still love to cook, now teaching others to love it also and lastly, I still love the beach more than any other pastime.

    But I guess change is inevitable and I expect that in twenty more years, it will also be so.


    Here are a few photos I dug up:


    One of my parents and I at their 25th Anniversary party at the Biltmore Hotel in Providence, RI (Married now 56 years)


    One of me on Miami Beach, during my training with Eastern Airlines (I wear tankinis now)


    Another Florida picture of me with the big hair taken with an old beau who along with a few others over the course of twenty years didn't make the grade.


    One of me with those so 80's shorts! (I still have the .

    chain belt but certainly not that waistline)

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