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    Posted September 3, 2013 by
    Santa Monica, California
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    How will you prepare for the military draft if U.S. invades Syria right away?


    Throughout history wars have been waged equally for bad and good reasons, where countries have sent their men or women to die on the battlefields.


    With the Assad military hurting for assistance in fighting those who gassed children and other people, is this another Iraq War. Or Vietnam War? You can judge and decide, but at the end of all this discussion on how to rebuild our troops.


    Our troops now have taken to Facebook and Social Media voicing the harsh and sad realities of being tired,stretched too thin, and ignored for almost a decade under both Bush/Obama Administration.


    Who have recycled our troops like dirty laundry, back and forth but never back home until politicians are done playing as soldiers refer to as "Their PC War".


    So how many levels does American military have left to avoid military draft before, all current levels resist the War on Syria? NONE. Its Game Over...


    So how will Young Americans prepare for the U.S. Conscription between ages 18-25 to defend our American Soil from another 9/11?


    Will you burn your draft cards?
    Will you try and run to Canada or cross into Mexico as happened during Vietnam War?


    Will you find the courage to soil your pants as legendary guitarist Ted Nugent,to get out of Vietnam War?


    Maybe. You will serve this country and honor those you leave behind knowing you protect not only your family,friends, neighbors.


    But the children of this great nation, and future of America from future terrorism plots to be carried out successfully.


    And most of all, remember the price of freedom does not lie in only paying taxes every year as being enough.


    It involves most importantly, having no problem at a drop of a hat or sound of a pin dropping heard  with sensitive ears.Ready to fight.


    To carry out any orders assigned by your govt under Universal National Service Act between ages of 18-25 yrs old.


    To ensure we have the strongest military forces to repel, or force back terrorism right away if the war will take months or long time to win as occurred with Iraq War.


    Whereas, Persian Gulf War had taken a shorter duration to win the war on terrorism, so we must all be prepared to fight and defend our country that is the price of freedom.


    So how will you prepare for the military draft, if U.S. invades Syria right away?

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