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    Huntington Beach, California
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    HDX Mix Advocates for Childhood Obesity Month and Offers Healthy Solutions


    HDX Mix is a hydration mix alternative to caffeine- and sugar-filled energy or sports drinks that  have been linked to childhood obesity. As part of September’s Childhood  Obesity Month awareness, HDX Mix offers solutions and alternatives for  those who want to cut down on sugary drinks for children. Using HDX Mix  allows parents to give children proper hydration without the risks  associated with popular energy and sports drinks.


    September 6, 2013—Huntington Beach, California—The heightened popularity of sport drinks has been linked to increases in childhood obesity rates, according to a  recent study. September is Childhood Obesity Month, and HDX Mix is  bringing awareness to the problem of sugary sports and energy drink  products and their connection to childhood obesity by offering an  alternative healthy sports drink. According to the Partnership for a  Healthier America, nearly 2,000 cities across the country have promoted  initiatives to get 3 million kids moving, but there is more work to be  done. If nothing changes, nearly half of the American population will be  obese by 2030.


    At least one new study has found that one sports drink per day raises a child’s risk of obesity by 43 percent.  This is also true for sodas and some fruit juices. The more sugary  drinks a child consumes, the more likely it is that he or she will be  obese. Recent figures show that 17 percent of children between two and  19 years of age are obese. Many top energy and sports drinks contain  startling amounts of sugar and caffeine, making them unhealthy choices  for children.


    As one of the healthiest sports  drink products available, HDX Mix combines the ability to consume drinks  with electrolytes with low sugar, natural ingredients and contains no  caffeine. HDX Mix is an every day sport drink mix completely free of  artificial flavors or colors and supports the body in all types of  activities.

    Athletes have realized for many years  that popular sports drinks and energy drinks do not solve the  controversy over sports drinks vs water for true electrolyte hydration.  In fact, many of these so-called “athletic” drinks make the problem  worse by exposing children and teens to massive doses of sugar and  caffeine, leading to artificial energy boosts, sudden drops and  dehydration. HDX Mix delivers true, natural, sustainable energy levels  through healthy hydration during activity and encourages children to  drink beverages with healthy electrolyte combinations and that offer  less sugar.


    As the best alternative electrolyte  drinks, HDX Mix provides a balanced blend of the necessary vitamins,  minerals and other vital nutrients in an easy-to-use packet. Simply mix  HDX Mix with pure water and instantly enjoy the benefits of a healthy  electrolyte drink that supports healthy blood sugar metabolism and  energy release without the risks of sugar, caffeine and other additives.


    About HDX Mix:  For the best electrolyte drink available, many people turn to HDX Mix  over pure water hydration. Our electrolyte mix combines the best in  electrolyte drink mix minerals, vitamins and other vital nutrients for  healthy hydration. HDX Mix is made with natural ingredients and produces  quality hydration water to support any sporting activities. HDX Mix  contains a balanced blend of electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids and  minerals to simply deliver healthy hydration with a great taste.

    Source: KPLR, “Sodas, sports drinks & juice linked to childhood obesity,” Christine Buck, August 20, 2013.


    For More Information: HDX

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