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    Posted September 9, 2013 by
    Hudson, Wisconsin
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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

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    100 Small Steps to 160 Pound Weight Loss


    One day 3 years ago a picture showed up in my Facebook time-line that shattered my world and started me on the path of my weight-loss journey. This was my ah-ha moment, but I wanted my story to be different.  I knew I wasn't going to spend the rest of my days eating out of a box, and I certainly wasn't about to try and throw my 386 pound frame at 90 straight days of  increasingly intense and insane levels of physical exertion when I had just spent the last 90 days on the couch blowing 40-50 bucks a week on the finest grade cheesy poofs, beer, cheap cheese/lunchmeat, and soft white bread.  It was going to take time and there were going to be a lot of false starts along the way.

    My journey truly turned the corner when my 6 year old daughter caught me crying on the stairs one day.  I hated feeling and being weak.  I hated myself for letting my body go and it manifested itself in hours of crying and engaging in emotional violence against myself. She asked me what was making me so upset all the time and I responded that I was ashamed for getting so fat and out of shape. I let her know how hard it was to do the simple exercises that left my back, legs, and neck hurting so badly.  Now my daughter has a great and ever present smile, but she wasn’t smiling, I could see that she was thinking hard.  She then put her hand on my shoulder and said “Remember when I kept falling off my bike daddy and skinning my knees?” I said “Yes babygirl I do.  You would cry and cry and I would hold your hand until you felt better.”  She then asked me, “Do you remember what you told me about the next time?  You said the next time I wouldn’t cry so much, because I already knew it was going to hurt.  I already know what it feels like, so it won’t be a surprise and after a while it wouldn’t even hurt anymore.  I could take chances and fall all I wanted after that.  You already know it’s gonna hurt right daddy?” With tears in my eyes I looked at this wise and wondrous young 6 year old and said simply “You’re right baby, I do. Thank you for reminding me."

    From that point forward I was a new man with new purpose. I went back to my journals and read about the victories and began to celebrate them. (Step 15) I wrote down "It's gonna hurt, get over it." (Step 20) and reminded myself of that every time I wanted to quit.  I sat down and really thought about the "Why" in why I was trying to lose weight and made it my own thing and not something that was being forced on me by someone else. (Step 1)  I did a lot of writing and self-reflection and at the end of the day wrote down what would become the 100 Small Steps that would help me lose the first 100 pounds. 160+ pounds later, I think it's working.


    Even though I have lost over 160 pounds, I am still technically overweight, but I have new tools and a new outlook on life.  I turned my journals into a blog and I am dedicated to crushing obesity one pound at a time. Please feel free to join me at www.100smallsteps.wordpress.com. I would welcome the company on this lifelong journey. 

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