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    Posted September 12, 2013 by
    Fort Drum, New York
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    Salute to troops

    A day that changed our lives

    My name is Jamie Gielarowski and I am lucky enough to be married to my very best friend, SSG Jason Gielarowski. We have been apart of the crazy life that is the Army for 9 years now and currently we are stationed in Fort Drum,NY. Over the years our family has grown and today we are the proud parents to 3 handsome little men, Joshua, Jordan and Jacob. We have been fortunate enough for Jason to be home for 2 out of 3 births and the one that he wasn't home for is quite the story. We found out last October that we were expecting our 3rd child and just a few months later that Daddy would be deploying for the 4th time. We knew the chances of him coming home for the birth were very slim but we still held out hope anyway. As the time came closer to our due date we knew he wasn't going to be able to make it so we had planned on setting up a webcam and hoping that by the time I went into labor we would be able to reach each other and he would be able to "be there" for the birth. Saturday July 6th started out as every other day. My soon to be middle child woke up around 7am and insisted on watching cartoons while I started breakfast. Next thing I knew my phone was ringing and a foreign number popped up on my caller id and I knew that Jason was calling me, probably checking in to see how I was feeling. I answered the phone with my usual " Hi baby!" and when I heard a groggy husband on the phone I knew something wasn't right. He told me there was a situation that happened and that he is alive but injured but he wanted me to hear his voice and know that he is alive and then he dropped the phone. A nurse picked up the phone told me that I needed to remain calm, but my husband was involved in a IED blast and had severe head trauma. She told me that he was a hero, that he had saved everyone in the vehicle even while being injured and even while injured kept telling everyone that his wife was getting ready to have a baby. Typical of my husband to always think of me even when he's in a horrific situation. I asked where he was right now and she told me that he had passed out and they were moving him to a hospital and I would receive more information from there but it could be several hours. All I can remember at that moment was dropping to the ground and crying. Our life together flashed before my eyes. I ran into my mothers room and tried to make out what the woman had said to me on the phone but I couldn't get the words out. She just hugged me and told me she was going to take the boys out and that I should call my husbands family. I called my father in law and again, just sobbed and couldn't get the words out. He told me to stay put he was coming to get me. We went back to my husbands parents house and waited for the phone to ring which felt like days but in reality was only a few hours. My husband called and explained what happened. I didn't care to hear, he was alive and he was talking to me. As he went over what had happened I found out that he was directly above where the IED went off and it wasn't just any IED, it was a 350 pound one. He was blasted from the vehicle and was knocked out but woke up when he heard the voices of his soldiers in the vehicle and crawled back to them to cut them out of the vehicle. He got every one of his soldiers out and back to safety. For his actions he has since received a purple heart. He said that the blast should have killed him but God was with him and he had soon to be 4 people back home that needed him more than he did. Because of how upset I was with everything going on it was no surprise that I went into labor. Aside from extremely high blood pressure my labor went smoothly and on July 7th just after midnight I had our son Jacob John. In many, many ways Jacob turned a horrible day into a blessed one and his birth truly brought all of us together. Because of the extent of his injuries he was sent home early from deployment and on August 14th we were reunited and our family was whole. We are currently dealing with what is next in regards to his injuries but he is not alone and as a family we are behind him 100%. I have always been proud of my husband but almost losing him has taken my admiration for him to a whole different level. He has always been a hero to us, but he truly is a hero to many. His selfless actions saved many and he continues to go above and beyond for his soldiers. He is not only the best father, he is the best husband, the best friend, the best son.. the list is endless. I am SO proud of him and I would love for him to have a special salute.
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