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    Are chemical weapons a ‘red line’?

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    What is the reality about Syria and Iran, and the Arab Spring and the Green Movement?

    Arab Spring, which started very well in Tunisia and Egypt, was challenged in Libya and Yemen, stopped in Syria and Bahrain, and is now getting reversed in Egypt. The fact behind Arab Spring was that old dictators were ignorant of the power of new technologies and communications. Maybe as Professor Noam Chomsky and other scholars suggest the stolen Presidential election of Iran in 2009 and the raise of the green movement in Iran ignited the Arab nations to stand up against their dictators. Iran's dictators did not expect to face serious problems after that a heavy security system controlled all of the media including highly controlled and restricted foreign journalists who were to report Iran's electoral news. The government had planned to imprison all influential activists and opposition politicians following the official cheating, but when people tested and discovered their own power via Twitter, Facebook, etc. they would not stop resistance despite very brutal crackdown, and reported reports which shocked and shook the world for months! The message reached to Iranians' youth counterparts who were the active users of the same social media before their ignorant governments. When the educated young man in Tunisia burnt himself in fire in response to the police's oppression, the easy removal of incumbent Bin Ali inspired hope and motivation in all sister nations. Pro-America's Mubarak's fall in Egypt which was similar to the fall of Iran's King in 1979 under the pressure of America developed the revolution to many other countries whose dictators were not ready to accept the West's recommendations to topple! Saudi Arabia firstly suppressed all protests itself, and then led crackdown in most of other nations including Yemen and Bahrain. Its brutal crackdown was successful since the world had nothing to support people but attention! When the Spring appeared in Syria, Iran's dictator also decided to play an active role to prevent its allied regime's fall. Firstly Syrians gathered after each Joma prayers and shouted against Bashar, and Bashar's forces attacked and killed randomly tens of people only; the same algorithm which was practiced before in Iran against the Green movement activists, but the result was not the same since the Syrians were very hopeful and motivated following Egypt and Tunisia's cases. The prolonged weekly protests resulted in formation of a national Free Syrian Army to face the government's army crimes. As the problem survived, the external forces also started to meddle. On one hand Saudi and Qatari kings who were traditionally against Assad's family supplied arms and funding towards Syrian opposition and on the other hand Iran's dictator who did not want to lose his influence in the region started to support Assad by all his experience and power. As times passed a few years, the level of Iranian support has increased enormously. Iran's regime internally introduces Syria as its main front with America. If in the beginning they had supported Assad with weapons only, then they started to educate pro-Assad Syrians militarily and sent Lebanese and Iraqi militia to support Assad's dissolving army, and finally they have deployed forces of the external branch of Iran's revolutionary guard extensively in Syria. Free Syrian Army had excellent progresses in the beginning, but technically they listened to the Western advisors and repeated the same mistake that Bush did after Iraq's occupation! They were recommended not to hurry up to occupy Damascus to be stable over 70% of Syria which was in their hands, but Iran's dictator Khamenei has proven his ability to destabilize such systems. He not only invested enormously in Syria directly, but also used this opportunity to revive an East block against the West by promising China and Russia to finance their political involvement as much as necessary. The dirtiest pert of his plots was an enormous intelligence and media work. Many young people were educated to work full-time as journalist especially in the weblogs to discredit Syrian opposition. At least part of the criminal groups associated to alleged Al-Qaeda were imported to Syria by Iran's revolutionary guard. The Goebbels-model propaganda machine of Iranian regime managed both fake reports and implementation and media coverage of crimes from opposition fighters which were indeed Iran's plots. In Shia regions they even showed the beheaded people of villages killed by Assad armies with slogans that pretended these people were Shia killed for their beliefs by Syrian Free Army. They even succeeded to denounce the Syrian Free Army by implementing dirty plots such as propagandas saying that Syrian Free Army which were called only terrorists by Iranian propaganda system have emptied the grave of holy prophet's companions or have attacked prophet's granddaughter's holy tomb, but these plots surprisingly worked. Beside some real mistakes of a minority of opposition groups, a lot of these projects could convince people and leaders of the world that both sides are equally evil, so let them be in the situation they are. Then big military attacks started and took back most of Syria from people's movement. Syrian Free Army which saw the situation, finally decided to free Damascus and topple Assad, and they achieved some success to approach the airport of Damascus but Iran's regime planned the extensive use of the Chemical Weapons on August 21st following several times of its usage in smaller levels. I knew about the real user of the weapons when I noticed on the day following the attacks that the Commanders of Iran's revolutionary guard hailed a great victory of the operations on August 21st "which has damaged the opposition terrorists severely!" It was revealed that Chemical Weaponry was extensively used, but they did not mention it at all in their words, while it was not an ignorable thing if it were used by the opposition. Since then, the news are new yet and every one can remember how Russia played down Obama, and again people may clearly know that Putin succeeded over Obama by help of American congress and people, but still the naughty role of Iran's regime behind the scene which is working hard to revive a cold war and an Eastern block is hidden to most of people, and the most shameful thing, I believe, is that people of the world have used their sense of sympathy, humanity and support towards Syrians, and ignore their tolls which has passed a few hundreds of thousands of deaths, and millions of innocent displaced people, and the life of those detained in Syrian cities especially Damascus is not better than the displaced ones at all. It is important that people are horribly suffering and lose their lives. If it is done by Chemical weapons, or by knives or by other means is a secondary issue. The red line to us must be murder of any single innocent life lost! and/ or any horrible crime such as rape committed! Please let's awake and do something!
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