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    Posted September 23, 2013 by
    Apple Valley, California

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    Collective Effort Launched Supporting Children's Dialogue-Education Locally, Nationally and Globally


    Those pictured have emerged from the 2-day Breakthrough 2013 Education Conference in Tacoma-Seattle, Washington.  Pictured (l to r): Minister W. D. Dell Patterson, Educator, Helen  Littlejohn, Sr., Regional Public Affairs, U. S. Department of Education,  Ambassador Charles Linder Floyd, CEO, His Star, Jew-DNA,  Joshua-Generation Universal Dialogue Childrens' Center of Inclusion,  Bishop Donovan L. Rivers, CEO, Inside/Out Training, Organizer of the  Breakthrough 2013 Education Conference.


    A collectively generated message from the conference as described below is being sent to Education Secretary  Arne Duncan.  At the same time Children of the World are in need of  philanthropic support for this mission for start-up costs in excess of  $1 Billion+ so that a safe, secure and dynamic educational environment  can be created for all children regardless of geographical location in the world.


    Bishop Rivers was the coordinator/organizer of the conference together with Cynthia Harris, D.Ed., Co-Chair.  Attendees included:  His Star, The Legacy of A Better Community For  All (ABC4All) and Min. W. D. Patterson (The Black Plight in America),  Bishop Donovan L. Rivers, Founder, All Clergy All Community Advisory  Council (ACACAC) with all civil rights groups in attendance and Eric V.  Perry, Director, Stop the Gang Violence and outstanding lifelong  educators throughout the Northwest.


    The mission is to merge President Barack Obama's Clarion Call to the  Israeli and Palestinian youth to become his Joshua Generation.  The  mission of the children who were not part of the Clarion Call have  adopted President Obama as their Drum Major, whereby all children will  now be included in this universal dialogue in accomplishing such a  mission.


    Collectively we intend to create His Star, Jew-DNA, Joshua-Generation  Universal Dialogue Childrens' Center of Inclusion together with The  Foundation For A Better Community For All (FABC) who are collaborating  to facilitate the One World Classroom where children will no longer be  labeled as "drop outs."  This conference has recommended reclassifying  all such children as "push outs." 


    Children everywhere will now be able to talk and dialogue among  themselves with an overt/system-scientist alternative resolve rather  than a covert social-scientist resolve typified by Military action.


    The Legacy of ABC4All and its ABC4All-TV WorldWide Network (AWWN) is  bringing to this mission the Dennis Matthews' LCE Black Box Technology,  thereby creating a universal educational platform accessible to all  without connectivity problems.  This Network will include among its  myriad capabilities distance education together with video conferencing  from anywhere to anywhere in the world.  The Network is powered by 53  satellites circling the globe, eliminating security and invasion of  identity problems.  Further, the Network will empower all participants,  in addition to furthering their educational efforts, to be able to generate income that will lead to the creation of jobs, self-employment  and a legacy for loved ones and families.




    Ambassador Charles Linder Floyd


    14642 Tonikan Road

    Apple Valley, CA 92307-4041


    760-221-9870 cell

    thekushite @ abc4all.net


    Burton Danet, Ph.D., Founder

    The Legacy of A Better Community For All (ABC4All)

    P. O. Box 1624
    Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-1624


    abc4allteam @ abc4all.net



    Minister W. D. Dell Patterson


    206-781-7278 cell


    Bishop Donovan L. Rivers



    Dennis Matthews, CEO

    LCE Newport Beach IT, Inc.
    1176 Sandhill Ave
    Carson, CA 90746


    info @ LCEnb.com



    The Legacy of ABC4All: Rejuvenated Facilitator & Founder, ABC4All


    "No single leader or set of leaders in the world, alone,  would be likely to achieve the universal unifying potential of all  peoples throughout the world as described by these 3 gentlemen, given local political pressures that exist within and/or across any government(s)." --Burton Danet, Ph.D., from Summary: We are almost there!
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