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    Posted September 26, 2013 by
    Milton, Delaware
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    Obamacare: Your story

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     "It's all too easy for some to dismiss us as 'takers' who are looking for a 'free ride' as opposed to the friends and neighbors and fellow Americans that we truly are," says Drewood. "I...was compelled to share my story in an effort to humanize some of the people who are really desperate for affordable health care." He talks about his situation in this video. Are you living without health insurance? Go here to send us your story.
    - rachel8, CNN iReport producer

    I am a self employed American father of 6 children who has not had healthcare for as long as I can remember. Three years ago I had a relatively minor illness that led to the discovery and diagnosis of the early stages of a type of lymphoma. In De. where we live, I was eligible for free cancer treatment for a period of two years from the time of diagnosis. The problem is that treatment at this stage basically consists of monitoring the progression until it requires treatment, twice yearly bloodwork and pet scans. Fortunately there was no real change in my condition during that two year period. Unfortunately after the two years were up I was systematically dumped from the program. I'm left now with the option of paying out of pocket for these tests every six months or not being tested and hoping for the best which is what I'm doing.Paying for these tests out of pocket would cost thousands of dollars and is not a realistic financial option for my family. There are no insurance companys willing to take me on now regardless of the price even though I am relatively healthy and hopefully will remain so for many years. Obamacare really is my only hope for getting insurance. My only other option without Obamacare is to wait until my illness progresses to the point that I have to seek treatment, effectively putting my family in financial ruin. I have worked hard all my life. Paid my bills, honored my obligations and done what I could to provide a decent life for my family. I have never been a "taker" from our society. Health care has just always been something that was financially out of reach for us.My biggest fear now is that congress will do anything possible to delay implementation of this health care bill and I will go on not knowing if my cancer is progressing or if preventative treatment is necessary. Sadly, I have to believe there are others more desperate than I. For some of us this fight is very personal and in fact a matter of life and death. It's hard to watch our congress squabble over ideology when your life is the one at stake. Congressmen who will never know what it's like to have a symptom or illness that isn't immediately treated with the best possible healthcare without finances even being considered. Obamacare is my only hope to go on living and working, contributing to society and caring for my family for hopefully many years to come.
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