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    Carmona, Cavite, Philippines

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    Healthier and Natural Weight Loss Approach


    Are you struggling to lose weight, but most of your weight loss approaches do not work and find yourself into the same trap of gaining weight?


    You must have tried ‘over the counter’ weight-loss supplements that promise impressive claims to help you shed unwanted pounds fast, but soon realize a complete change in your system. You do not feel hungry, you constantly have upset stomach, and you cannot sleep.


    Weight-loss supplements


    Many weight-loss supplements have these side effects because of caffeine, which is an effective ingredient but increase your stress hormones such as cortisol, which, in reality, can increase your appetite and have a negative impact on your weight-loss plan.


    People gain weight and become obese because their lifestyles changed. Our body digests and store the energy acquired food into a fat form to be used while we work. When we are not active, the stored fat accumulates and makes us obese. Skipping meals is another factor. When this happens, the body sense hunger and what you eat will be converted to fat (energy) and stored for later use, and it keeps accumulating.


    Exercise for weight loss


    Weight loss counselor Katherine Tallmadge, RD, said that you could lose more than three pounds a week with a healthy diet and lots of exercise. Exercising will help you burn stored fat and lose weight.


    Cardio is ideal for weight loss but include strength training few hours a week. Check with your health care provider if you have a chronic condition to make sure you are ready to work out.


    Diet for weight loss


    Eat three meals daily starting with a proper breakfast. Drink lots of water to increase metabolism. Eat less and exercise more so you will lose weight faster. Try to limit salt and starches because this will help you reduce fluid retention.


    Focus on fruits, vegetables, skinless poultry breasts, shellfish, fish, 95 percent lean meat and nonfat dairy products. Get enough rest because fat burning works well while you are resting. Avoid caffeine because this will interrupt your sleeping patterns.


    Crash diets


    While diet crazes sound tempting, diet plans that sound too good to be true, probably is. Skip programs that promote fasting, detoxification, and laxatives. Do not cut calories below 1,200 daily is counterproductive because you don’t only lose fat but precious muscles you need to exercise effectively.


    Researchers have found that ingredients of Garcinia Cambogia avoided caffeine and devised a 100 percent natural formula to help you lose weight easily.


    Losing weight has to be simple and stress free. If you want to lose weight naturally, do it the healthier way for long lasting success.

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