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    Help me find this Indiana State Police Officer. He may have saved my life.


    I went for a drive this evening and it's I'm new to Jeffersonville Indiana. I didn't turn on my GPS which I need lol. It's kind of fun to get lost in a place that you don't know yet because that's really uncommon in America now. I have been stopped at a stop light he was in the left lane going to turn left I pulled up stop was going to go straight heat turned deliberately after the lights changed and followed me. I really thought I was just being paranoid. Pulled over because it was getting to be too role of an area and to gas station and he pulled them right behind me. He wasn't there to get gas he got out of his truck and I took off from the gas pump without getting gas so I could not be followed. It was just a long desolate road going even further into country area. No gas stations my light came on I would've been stuck on the side of the road. I'm sure he was minutes away from passing me and if I had ran out of gas it would've been very scary. I knew I was being followed and I was in a panic amazingly a cop out of the blue came out of nowhere and ice new was caught because of the light on the side of like the window. I stop my car slowly but stopped it in the middle-of-the-road got out wave my hand started working to the back of my current stock that continues wave my hands. He as well stocked his car in the middle-of-the-road got out his family was in the car he was not in uniform  I was of course babbling this guy was following me and he told me please ma'am get your car out the middle-of-the-road and let's go to discuss what's happening. I pulled down the road a little bit he follows gets out tells me yes this is very odd and I needed to go back to the gas station because I was driving to even more room area. He says that he will follow him as he passes and I mean just before he said that the guy passes on the road and I said There he is. He had no hesitation to tell me getting in my car I'm following him if he turns around I will come back and make sure you are okay. I am so thankful but I was also scared and panic and I never asked in his name I apologize his family and I never asked their name he didn't get a squad car number all I know is his description and he's Indiana State police officer right outside of County. I'd really like to find him and thank him I would like the nations help this is what state police are all about


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