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    Posted October 1, 2013 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Shutdown over: What next?

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    Shutdown Was Planned Outcome


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     k3vsDad was not surprised at all to see the government shutdown take place: 'In the last three "cliff" moments, we have seen how in the waning minutes, Vice President Biden has stepped in as President of the Senate and a senior Senator and bring the opposing sides together. This time around we have heard nothing from the Vice President. He has been remarkably and uncharacteristically silent. Even today with the shutdown now nearing its 13th hour, Biden has remained mute. The digging in and no one talking on either side with their counterparts also tends to indicate that both sides are getting what they wanted which is this ludicrous partial shutdown of the government. If either side was truly about keeping the doors open, we would have seen or heard of some backroom negotiations. To use a trite phrase, "the silence is deafening.’"
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    Anyone who had paid attention to the last few "cliffs" which the nation has teetered on over the last five years should have known that the writing was on the wall. The partial government shutdown which began at 12:01 this morning had been the endgame for days, weeks and months.


    There was no other endgame which had been planned by President Barack Obama's Administration, Democrats in the Congress and yes, even Republican lawmakers.


    For all the pontificating, beating the chest and cries of "foul" from both sides, leaders of the two factions knew that come midnight Monday the government was going to turn off non-essential functions. There was no good faith dealing. In fact, the President's side announced over and over it would not negotiate or talk to the other side, period.


    Why am I so sure and stating matter-of-fact that a government shutdown was preordained?


    It is simple.


    In the past couple of years each time the nation has face a make-or-break moment, was Vice President Joe Biden. In the final hours, sometimes minutes, Biden would broker a deal which would avert disaster.


    This time around, Joe "Get a Shotgun" Biden was not to be found. Perhaps he was taking a cue from former Vice President Dick Cheney and was hiding out in some undisclosed location.


    Yes, I am afraid that the President and his allies and his Republican foes had viewed the battlefield and strategized that the battle, not the war, would end with troops squared off and staring each other in the eye with no one taking the flag.


    The aim was shutdown, nothing else.


    If the President and the leaders in Congress had been interested and meant what their rhetoric was all about, Biden would have made his grand entrance. A deal would have been hammered out.


    But, alas, that was not to be.


    Where do our elected officials go from here?


    It will be more jousting, pitting lance against shield right up to the point that the polls begin to say the crowd is getting tired of the show. Then and only then will both sides start talking.


    That could and very well may take the nation right up to the real crisis on October 17th, when the government will no longer be able to borrow money to pay the bills.


    That real cliff is a mere 15 days from now.


    From the Cornfield, while a government shutdown, even a partial one, is never good, this particular shutdown is worthy of the most outrageous drama queen .

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