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    Shutdown over: What next?

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    The September 28, 2013 divine revelation I received specified and focus on the reasons of President Obama Health Care, over 16 trillion dollars national debt and shutdown the United States government on October 1, 2013 occurred, along with future outcome of the United States of America as the country and government operation systems.
    There are three parts of the revelations:
    PART 1: I was standing on lard hard dirt ground, behind me was a mansion, in front of me a young servant, who just dug a huge sixteen feet deep oval hole on the dry hard dirt ground, and she now at the west side of the bottom end round hole, planting a seed has sprout. As she was digging dirt with her hand for place the seed down, I said to her, “You plan the seed way below underground, it will unable to grow through the thick hard dry dirt!” I offered to her of my help, said to her, “I will get you a grown plant for you to plan.” I then saw skinny plant appeared on ground nearby in front of me. It has only spike, about over three feet, no branch, a lot of kind of yellow leaves at the top. I understood, it was the plant I will give to the servant. The next thing I heard “Ted Cruz!”
    PART 2: In my dreams during the night before dawn of September 28, 2013, my divine spirit saw my physical body was in a west wing small room of a large building, shape like the White House. I step forwarded next to inside the front wall, where was broken large hole. The hole was a lot larger than my face. I then saw my physical form front leaning to inside the front wall, my face at the middle of the front wall broken holes, and I saw in front of the building, outside the wall where the small room I was in were two FBI agents, worn black uniform with guns, with their backs to the wall; direct in front of the two FBI agents, across of the hard dirt front yard like a large dirt road were two men, a white American, middle sixty years old of age, he worn short sleeves light color shirt, and khaki short, and another man at his left was black shadow. While these two men facing direct the two FBI agents, in front of an American man was camera on top of tri pot, and he was adjusting his camera. In the dream gave to me, the American was reporter! Behind these two men was very large park, exactly of the model building I saw at LEGOLAND in Carlsbad. While the American adjusting his camera, the two FBI agents attempted to shoot the American reporter, and none of the bullets hit the reporter. Instead, all bullets either went to the left side or above of the reporter and hit ground of the models park behind these two men. My visible form said out loud, “These two agents shot bullets everywhere and none of them hit the man!” Suddenly, the American reporter left his companion and camera, hurry run and passing the dirt road in front of me, heading to the front entrance at the center front of the building.
    PART 3: At this point I was still at inside a room in the front of west wing building; I realized of I was spying their activities outside the building, and my concern was, of they will get revenge against me. I hurry moved to the right side to next to the east wall of the room, leaning my back against the wall, the front wall has a hole and the wall behind me was a corner, from me to the corner at my right was about several feet, at my left was several feet to the corner that connected to the hallway wall. While I was standing there quietly, I heard noise from the American man, after he entered the front entrance of the building, he made a right turn, running toward the west direction, where the room I was in. Suddenly, there was a upside down giant scorpion, larger than heavy and tall American Caucasian was holding to his girlfriend, who covered inside an white smoke color blanket, and dragging her while he was passing the hallway, from the main entrance passed the wall corner at my right, and dropped her on floor at about less than five feet at my front left. At this point I realized the noise I heard came from the American reporter was transforming to scorpion and dragging his girlfriend on the hallway floor. Immediate after the scorpion hit its girlfriend laying quiet on floor, there was two mixed of FBI agents and police officers, worn black uniforms, side-by-side chasing behind scorpion, and they reached the scorpion after it dropped its girlfriend. These two law enforcement officials bending down as the same time, side-by-side, with their four arms, they grasped at the top lower body of scorpion and lifted it up. The upside scorpion head has two large and oval boiling claims water color eyes, triangular face, small head, super long neck, and extreme fat and heavy body, with a lot of craws at both side of it one-third bottom body! The scorpion was at in front of my left, and it looking straight at me! At this point I didn’t scare, but I made little turn to my right, and heading toward the west direction of the room, where there was a door for leave the building.
    While I still saw inside the room, I tried to understand the meanings, I heard divine spirit order, “defunding”, and the Obamacare issue came that help me understand some of the revelations. Slowly I came to fully understood of the full revelation. Although, I only able to explain certain meanings of all three parts, and let public to understand of their ways, based on their life styles and relationship with the Almighty Eternal Creator. Keep in minds that there are many ways of understand the revelations, but none of you will able to understand fully meanings of the revelations. Bless to those able to understand the most of the revelation meanings!
    PART 1 BRIEF MEANINGS: “Ted Cruz” spoke out from Heaven was hint, that the Almighty Eternal Creator gave to me revealed to comply with the United States Constitution, that base on Senator Ted Cruz stood on Senate floor for over 21 hours for fight for defunding ObamaCare, without afraid many Republican lawmakers complained his direction of fight for defunding ObamaCare, and it revealed as the servant tried to plan sprout sixteen feet underground. The thin tree without branch, yellow leaves appeared on ground, which I will take and give it to the servant for her to planting it symbolic of the Almighty Eternal Creator intervene!
    PART 2 BRIEF MEANINGS: Before the Almighty Eternal Creator, government officials and leaders services like photo journalists, they broadcast the things came through their minds and from their advisors feed them, without substance, revealed as American reporter. Two FBI agents in uniform meanings the U.S. Constitution didn’t apply to legislative and executive branches, revealed by the two FBI agents shot at the reporter many bullets without hit the guy.
    PART 3 BRIEF MEANINGS: Reporter run inside the building meant, the United States congress of both House and Senate, along with the White House team, and President Obama unsuccessfully, regard to the focus of reform health care, cut spending, pay off debt, and prevent government shutdown, and that the more they attempted to repair while they ignored to warning after warning from the Almighty Eternal Creator, they absolutely cause chaos in the government and badly effect America country.

    CONCLUSION: Part 1 and part 2 revealed currently, the United States government leaders, members of congress and the White House: Some are trying to repair serious problems, and they did incorrectly like the servant planting sprout sixteen feet underground, and will cover with dry dirt. Many words and activities broadcast like reporter without substance. While the White House and majority of the congress placed themselves above the United States Constitution and existence Federal laws, that revealed as two FBI agents shot the reporter many time, while they didn’t aim at the reporter, and their bullets went above the reporter head and his left side.
    Eventually at the end, American man, revealed as reporter changed to scorpion symbolic of the “real” truth of the United States members of congress, presidents and their advisors. The two FBI agents mixed of police officers symbolic of the United States Constitution, the Almighty Eternal Creator’s laws and Federal laws under God’s laws enforced upon members of congress, both the House and Senate, and the White House/presidents.
    On the July 13, 2006 revelation, I saw black smoke covering the United States, without seen the gigantic long snake pass Atlantic ocean meant the United States government leaders generated serious damages upon American people, themselves and global public. The revenge I wrote was in spiritual realm, the destructive of the devil attacking everywhere, through various kinds and profession of people’s minds, words and actions.
    Therefore, the delaying of listen and comply with the Almighty Eternal Creator’s warnings is only way to shorten suffering for Americans and government leaders too. I guaranteed you, as long as you ignored to the Almighty Eternal Creator’s warnings only creating greater and more serious problems upon the country. While the Almighty Eternal Creator divine plan must fulfill as already wrote throughout the Bible. Current time is fluffing the Book of Revelation, chapter 12.
    It is my duty as the Almighty Eternal Creator’s Messenger of Covenant, I compiled in writing exactly of what I saw and heard, along with wisdom from the Almighty Eternal Creator vested to me! I have no interest of take side of any parties! Instead, I responsible for transforming the revelation to written form, and related to global public of the meanings of the revelation, and all revelations contents. I fully liable for my error if any, and the Almighty Eternal Creator charges me for my error (if any), and I must pay in full damages for my error (if any).
    My responsibility, accountable and liability for all my words and actions, from the time Messiah Jesus commended the Kingdom of Heaven governing human race authority transferred to my soul, before his fully man breathed his last breath; he said to my female divine soul, “Woman, behold your son!” He continued with commanded the Kingdom of Heaven governing power of human race, said to it, “Behold, your mother”, and continue throughout the Book of Revelations, chapter 12. The exactly responsibility and liability charged to me, charging to all government leaders, congress members and presidents by the Almighty Eternal Creator, and that they must pay in full for damages they caused to others result from their words and actions!

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