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    Posted October 2, 2013 by
    willamina, Oregon
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    Shutdown over: What next?

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     AJolsen32 told me, 'It's time the government take lessons like we the everyday people do, and struggle like we do, they put their pants on just like we do. One leg at a time. '
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    I'm proud of the GOP, they are finally listening to us the hard working blue collar people of the nation, they will still have my vote and everyone i know.
    Our government is to big spend way to much money, example: "not too long ago they messed up in printing money, had to throw it all away. what a waste"
    thank god the government is feeling the pinch the rest of us normal Americans are feeling. let the whole empire close, cut obama's income to nothing, make him pay the airfare we the Americans have to pay, let him pay for the high gas prices we pay. if the government is broke then they know how we feel every day since obama took office. im a small business owner no help from government, where was my bail out where is my help with employing people.. no where . so i dont feel sorry for all the tax leeches out of a job now they can search for work like the rest of us.. they can enjoy how they are going to pay for obamacare just like the rest of us.
    GOP keep it up! if anything please remove the mandated health care part of the law it is nonsense. to force me to buy health insurance if i dont want to buy it. the only thing i like about the health care act is make heath care more accessible and that is a buying pool if i wanted to join... but i dont want to be forced to buy something i cant afford to start with.. i dont go to the doctor very much a year, maybe 3times if that, why would i want to pay for something i dont use very much..


    ITS TIME FOR CHANGE, and this shutdown is the best thing for the country.. time for the next civil war, instead of raising arms, just shut things down and take away the government from them, let us the people be free of them. no more taxes. everyone fend for themselves. or restart it from scratch. make it so politicians only get to be in office 1 term each never to be reelected back to the same office after their one term.

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