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    The Stuff That Doctors Don't Tell You


    INNERview with Colleen Morrill on Have Ya Heard



    YVONNE PIERRE: Colleen, you released a moving video on YouTube called Green Beans! Life Lessons from Landon on September 12, 2013. Can you please introduce yourself and, for those who haven’t this video, share what it’s about?


    COLLEEN MORRILL: My name is Colleen Morrill and I’m the proud mom of Landon. Green Beans! Life Lessons from Landon is about our family and friends’ experiences with having a child with Down syndrome. We wanted to share the stuff doctors don’t tell you. When we were told that Landon had Down syndrome, we were given a long list of things that are going to be wrong with him. We wanted to share what was right with Landon and others with Down syndrome.


    YVONNE: What inspired you to share Landon’s story?


    COLLEEN: Genetic screening. Talk about a travesty of human rights. It boggles my mind [that] in the land of the free, we are able to determine a human being’s right to live based upon another’s opinion of “normal”. What in the world did people with Down syndrome do to deserve a death sentence? How this is allowed to continue is beyond all comprehension.


    Human rights violations are happening all over the world. In other countries, infants with Down syndrome are abandoned and placed in orphanages where they rarely live past the age of 8 years old. I wanted to show people what a joy Landon was and even though I lost Landon, I wanted people to know that he was loved and valued every second he was here.


    YVONNE: What do you want people to walk away with after watching?


    COLLEEN: I want people to NOT be afraid of Down syndrome. I want people to NOT feel ashamed if they have a child with Down syndrome. I can only speak from my personal experience. I remember, like it was yesterday, the Dr. telling me they thought Landon had a chromosomal anomaly. I knew in that instant my life had changed forever. I was so afraid! I thought, “What is wrong with me? Why couldn’t I produce a ‘good’ baby? “Oh, I loved him, but the shame of something being wrong with me and the fear of the unknown was so great. If only I had could go back in time and get my joy back. Turns out I didn’t produce a “good baby,” I produced an AWESOME baby! Yes, I know I lost my son to leukemia, but there are a lot parents that have lost their children to accidents and illness that didn’t have Down syndrome. Good health is not a guarantee for any of us.


    YVONNE: Colleen, I believe all parents’ greatest fear is the passing of their child. If you’d like, could you share with us what happened and how found the strength to keep going?


    There's more. Click the following link to read this interview in it's entirety and to watch the video at http://hyhonline.wordpress.com/2013/10/02/the-stuff-that-doctors-dont-tell-you/

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