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    Posted October 2, 2013 by
    charlotte, North Carolina
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    Everyday racism: Your stories

    Crooked Town of Panhandle, TX

    My son and his wife are sitting in a Texas prison right now, sentenced to 2 years, for (of all things) Money Laundering, because of one night a few years ago when they were pulled over in Panhandle TX, on HWY-40, going to California to see her mom after they had just gotten married. They had quite a bit of money on them, which they had the paperwork for, and were told, after being held in a remote field, and handcuffed to a pole for 5 hours, from around 9-10pm to 3-4AM, and waiting for the sheriffs to search the vehicle with the dogs, when finding no drugs, they arrest them for money laundering, after getting them back to the jail, they sperate them and ask each if they sign the money over, they will let them go, they refused. They were out on bail the next morning by a TX bailsbondman (which they all work together), the car was impounded, $745 to get out. They hire, who we thought to be a good attorney, Ronald Spriggs, ended up just working for the state, $6000 later. Trial number 1 was a mis-trial, only because 3 of the jurors were hand picked by my son, that wasn't good enough, so, then a few months later (June 11th this year) they tried them again, only this time there were no jurors that my son approved of....They used pictures off his cell phone that were not supposed to be allowed in trial because of the illegal search & siezure, they did NOT allow the video from the traffic stop into evidence, Nor did their lame attorney fight for any of this, after finding them guilty, the judge sentenced them to the max of 2yrs.....we have hired another attorney to fight this and get their convictions over turned, and afterwrds plan on filinf plenty of civil suits and getting people fired. This is some of the most un-just, un-constitutional, racial profiling and prejudicial acts I have ever seen. The ACLU had just settled a lawsuit with Texas about this very same thing last year and now it is unlawful to do what they did, (Not that it wasn't before) but now they really can't just search someones vehicle after pulling them over for a minor traffic violation, which by the way, my son's violation? "A DIM license plate light on ONE side".
    By the way.....they had NO evidence of money laundering but still found them guilty.......guess the whole town is on their payroll!!!! And, this is only part of the story, there are so many more details, but way too much to put on here......these are the basics.....
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