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    Posted October 5, 2008 by
    Bangor, Maine
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    Shame on the Campaign


    Shame on the Campaign





    Palin announced today that Obama “runs with terrorists.”   This of course would be alarming to me if it were true.  However, all credible sources say, just not true.  Yet the McCain campaign works hard to repeat this message, why?  It seems deceptive tactics get traction with both media rotation and the base of the party using the tactic (In this case the Republicans).  Now, it is certainly true that both campaigns have used misleading statements to perpetuate doubt in the voters for their opponent.  We can’t tolerate these tactics.  We have to speak up and contact our congressmen and women and make it very clear that it is unacceptable that those in or seeking to be elected for the most honorable offices, including the presidency, cannot use lies to win our trust!


    It is especially egregious however that a vice presidential candidate in a presidential campaign would accuse a United States Senator, whom they are running against of supporting domestic terrorists.  Evoking the language and association with terrorists is a vile and blatantly dishonest effort on the part of the McCain Campaign to win. 


    Prior to this Candidacy I was happy to see McCain win the Republican primary.  I found his straight talk brand believable.  I feel strongly now that he has sold his soul and the straight talk is now fraught with deception.  Suffice to say it is extremely disappointing but not entirely unexpected.


    That the campaigns have so degenerated into despicable and dishonest behavior is an assault on the morality of our society.  I consider myself an honest and intelligent person.  I see through this behavior and I know many Americans do.


    Stop!  John McCain, you are at the end of your life and your legacy should not be that you ended what should have been a good fight with dishonor. 


    Stop!  Barack Obama, you must vet every message you approve to err on truth and not manipulation. 


    The polls are solidifying and it seems clear now that Barack will be our next president.  Regardless of your feelings about that I encourage all reasonable people everywhere to denounce the deception inherent in our political system.  It is a good fight and should be undertaken.


    It is bad enough that these accusations the candidates levy against one another might be true but that they would wish it true is a sad commentary on us all.  And when they know with certainty that it is not true and push the message anyway it is wicked and contemptible and we must reject it.





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