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    Posted October 4, 2013 by

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    Does word of mouth advertising still work?


    Word of mouth advertising seems to be a lost art, but it can have a powerful impact on a business. A survey from Nielsen recently revealed that word of mouth recommendations are ranked the highest. Companies cannot ignore this powerful tool because consumers are still sharing important information about them.

    Nielsen’s survey showed that 84 percent of the people in the poll felt word of mouth was a trustworthy way of getting information. This was the highest rated advertising form on the list. AdFicient recently addressed the same concept and provided several recommendations for businesses to take advantage of word of mouth advertising. The company reveals how positive customer interactions can lead to ongoing recommendations and the spread of reviews from happy consumers. AdFicient uses its own experience with this type of advertising to reveal that satisfied customers are essential.

    Word of mouth advertising is not always easy to control. It is not possible to set a specific budget or ad size to achieve it. Instead, businesses have learned that making consumers their top priority is the first step in getting positive word of mouth advertising. Social media and personal blogs have made it easy for customers to voice their anger or joy after interacting with a company. Their words can have a strong and ongoing impact on how other people view the company.

    Happy customers are also important for winning new ones. Since more people are researching a brand or business before using it, the image your company projects can either attract them or push them away. Exceeding customer expectations is one of the easiest ways to get positive feedback and word of mouth advertising. If your business goes beyond the usual template of making a person happy, then there is a higher chance of that person sharing the experience with others.

    Word of mouth advertising takes time to build up, but new companies can still benefit from it. It is never too early to start building positive relationships with your customers and making sure they are completely satisfied with the service or product.






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