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    Posted October 5, 2013 by
    Muskogee, Oklahoma
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    An “Inappropriate” Trip to New York

    This was one of Khameni’s descriptions of Rouhanis’ resent visit to New York, and it makes one ask; what could possibly have happened during the trip to New York that sparked such a harsh term as “Inappropriate?”

    The article claims Khameni of Iran describes Rouhani’s resent visit to the USA as “Some of the things that took place during the trip to New York were ‘not quite desirable.’” According to the Fars News Agency Khameni was quoted as saying; “Some of the things that took place during the trip to New York were ‘inappropriate.’” On Twitter Khameni stated “Part of the trip wasn’t proper.”

    So we have “not quite desirable;” “inappropriate” and “wasn’t proper” as descriptions of one single trip to New York by a Foreign Dignitary that had not visited the USA in many years; what could possibly have transpired to create such words that create so many different scenarios in the minds of the readers?

    Some things this brings to mind is frightening. It reminds me of the day I watched the Obama’s first visit with the Queen of England and I cringed, shook my head; and I wondered why nobody ever took the time to teach the President and his wife proper protocol. Only American’s reach out to shake hands or to hug others without first obtaining permission, but it is usually with other American’s. Other countries have vast and varied protocols and they usually do not include the American’s ways. Is it possible that the Obama’s are still lacking in the education of proper protocol and etiquette where Foreign Dignitaries are concerned; or is it something all together different that sparked these strange reactions?

    Later in the article it states that Khameny said “The US Government is untrustworthy; egotistical and illogical and breaks promises.” Now this visit was before any of the Government shut-down even took place, so what could the Iranian have meant here? Was he referring to how he felt in regards to the overall treatment of his country by the USA in the past years; or did this also have something to do with the visit to New York? Did Rouhani notice something during his visit that the American people didn’t catch about their own government?

    By now most of the American people realizes that there is a major dysfunction within their government; and with the technology of today it is virtually impossible to keep this fact a secret from the rest of the world. A President that has absolutely no bi-partisan skills what so ever and therefore ineffectual in compromising anything between the two major political parties; in fact does just the opposite. Publically projecting a childish government being run by a bunch of two year olds taking temper tantrums, with the President unfortunately being the lead bully; “I won’t compromise.”

    How do you think this looks to the other countries? This is supposed to be a Democratic Republic? How is this going to inspire other countries to look up to the USA as the country that genuinely takes care of its people? This catastrophe is squarely on the shoulders of President Obama and his lame inability to actually be a true leader of the American people as well as of the United States of America.

    Khamenei: Something about Rouhani’s U.S. trip ‘wasn’t proper’ By Ben Brumfield and Shirzad Bozorgmehr; CNN; http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/05/world/meast/iran-khamenei-u-s-rouhani-trip-not-proper/index.html?hpt=hp_t2
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