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    PADUA, Italy
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    www.wowwater.eu is the website (updating...)


    WOW TECHNOLOGY S.P.A. has invented and developed an innovative purification system; it allows to separate water from its contaminants concentrating the residual waste order of magnitudes better than ordinary standard methods, without any filter, providing drinkable water without microbiological elements such as bacteria or viruses, as well as chemical solid and liquid contaminants including volatiles. It works with any size of contaminants: single atoms, molecule, nano-particles and particles.
    • WOW prototype is based on a unique and solid high order physical theory about a particular solution that creates a phenomenon never studied before. After having evaluated all the existing patents/literature it came out that WOW patent is very innovative either because it works without any filter or because it introduces new depuration method concepts and solutions while using standard components.
    • One of the major advantages of this purification method is that fouling deposits contained into water become concentrated and so they can be discarded correctly instead of contaminating wide lands or countryside causing environmental problems. Thanks to WOW, contaminants that at first were scattered into water can finally be collected, once removed from water source, and then correctly disposed.
    • This revolutionary technology is going also to provide a wide range of improvements in terms of management of Liquid Radioactive Waste, efficiency and costs reduction. WOW method is simple, low cost (if compared to its efficiency) and it is very well functioning on contaminants treatment. WOW method is reliable, strong and resistant.
    • In order to further verify that, recently it has been performed, at LENA laboratories, a test where level of contamination by Cesium (that is the most important contaminating nuclear isotope at nuclear plants) was 6000 times worst than cooling water used at failed nuclear reactor in Fukushima (the worst even radioactive water).
    The test results revealed that this method can concentrate nuclear waste liquids at least 1000 times better than any other alternative and standard methods. Contemporary it can extract purified water that then can be reused or recycled.
    Then WOW is performing depuration process without producing any additional nuclear waste as on the contrary it is happening now with existing treatment methods that roughly produce an additional nuclear waste volume around 10-20% of entire volume processed.
    WOW device has been designed and built to be failure proof.
    • The specific nuclear analytical tests conducted by LENA laboratories (Laboratorio Energia Nucleare Applicata) and CNR laboratories demonstrated how WOW prototype and its applications are clearly order of magnitudes better than the competing methods.
    • Nuclear physics experts confirm WOW effectiveness on radioactive contaminants rejection: after many researches, physicists specialized in applied nuclear highlighted the evident superiority of WOW method as far as heavy radioactive metals abatement performance is concerned, compared to existing standard methods.
    Moreover WOW method and its outsize selectivity has many others industrial and chemical applications that go beyond water depuration.
    • WOW next objective is to demonstrate how WOW method could be successfully adopted on larger scale, maintaining the same high level of performances. A operative scaled-up module, by next few weeks, will be exploited in a privately owned nuclear waste repository for the first industrial real application. We will update this report soon!

    The technology has been showed at REMTECH 2013 in Ferrara.

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