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    Things to Know About the Delicious Buffalo Wing


    There are many recipes with chicken that’s very popular nowadays. Buffalo wings, also commonly called hot wings, consist of a fried and unbreaded chicken wings or drumette that is topped with various flavored sauces that can range from mild to very hot, or even Asian, such as spicy mustard or teriyaki. However, buffalo wing sauce by tradition is a vinegar and butter sauce that is flavored with cayenne peppers and hot sauce. Buffalo wings are most often served with a side of celery sticks and carrots and ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce. They generally are served by the half dozen or by the dozen at most restaurants.


    Buffalo wing sauce is made by using a base that consists of melted butter (or margarine) and cayenne pepper hot sauce. More cayenne pepper is added to increase the intensity of the sauce; when making mild, medium, hot, extra hot or very hot sauces. Buffalo wings are deep fried before adding the sauce. Then they are usually placed in a mixing bowl and the sauce is added and stirred in. The wings are then shaken until evenly coated with the sauce and then served. Wings without sauce can also be served as well, or with a side of sauce for dipping.

    History of Buffalo Wings

    Along with their tangy flavor and wide popularity, also comes a rather rich tale of the history of buffalo wings. There are four different persons who claim to have invented buffalo wings. However, they did emanate from Buffalo, New York, which is where their name comes from.

    Teressa Belissimo, part owner of Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY claims to have first made the dish as a quick snack for her son in 1964, when she deep fried wings and topped them with hot sauce and then served them with celery sticks and blue cheese dipping sauce as a side. Teressa’s son, Dominic, claims to have invented them on a Friday night in 1980 when their Catholic customers broke their meat fast. However, he does claim that his mother originally came up with the idea. His father, Teressa’s husband, Frank Bellisimo, says their restaurant was mistakenly delivered wings and he made buffalo wings because they didn’t want to them to go to waste. In a separate story, John Young claims to have invented them using his signature “mambo sauce” for serving fried wings at a restaurant he owned in the 60s in Buffalo called “John Young’s Wings n’ Things.”

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