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    Posted October 11, 2013 by
    Brampton, Ontario

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    Meet the so called Political elite of Pakistan.


    Fauzia Kasuri born 8th September 1952 is a current Pakistani politician and is (supposedly) one of the central figures of Imran Khan the cricketer turned politician’s, political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Apparently Kasuri’s professional relationship with Imran Khan started when she worked with him to help raise money for his Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre in Lahore – Pakistan. On 26th July 2011, she also helped him launch a women's wing of PTI in the United States. She currently resides in Islamabad (capital of the country).
    Kasuri presided over the women's wing of PTI until 20th March 2013. She was disqualified from PTI elections as per the election rules of the country for having dual nationality i.e. Pakistan and United States. In a bid to gain a seat in the National Assembly, she renounced her U.S. citizenship on 22nd March 2013. Kasuri had voiced several complaints against her party regarding her rank on priority list of reserved seats for women in which her rank was below a handful of senior leaders within her party, when PTI only won 10 seats from Punjab only the top two went to the parliament on reserved seats causing Kasuri to lash out on PTI leadership she soon announced that she will leave PTI but will not join PML (N) another political party (which won in majority and now forms the government in Pakistan). Subsequently she left PTI and was asked to join PML (N) a request that reportedly came from their senior leadership but she refused. She was criticized by many among PTI for making a fuss all in the name of a national assembly seat. Later her claim of being a founding member of the party also turned out to be a false one as the party released a statement which did not name her as a founding member. Imran Khan further said in a statement on Twitter that the reserved seats had been awarded on merit. Thus once again she joined the party after meeting with the party chief Imran Khan.
    I have had a chance of meeting and interviewing her twice during her two seperate visits to Canada once on her own and once with Iman Khan. As is usually the case with the so called Pakistani elite she also seemed totally disconnected with real issues facing the general public. But rather seemed more interested in enjoying her VIP status along with the chief of the political party. On a more frank note I found her pretty unimpressive as a political leader representing a third world country (but so is the case with Pakistan’s majority so-called political elite) as well. As in Pakistan all it takes is to be from a rich family background and be at ease with your English speaking skills or be a strong (Islamic) clergy person and one qualifes to be known as a main stream political leader of Pakistan and Fauzia Kasuri sure has that talent. So her political career in Pakistan seems to be intact.
    Pakistan has all along lacked sincere political leadership since its advent in 1947, it seems pretty much clear this vacuum won’t be filled anytime soon. So the political elite do have a great future in that lawless system ehich is their creation to begin with.
    But they can hoodwink all as much as they want, only till the grassroots figure out their priorities and demand fairness. But when will that day arrive no one can really predict, but I really hope the sooner the better.
    Pakistan Zindabad -Long live Pakistan.


    Photo & write-up Akbar Warris 416-371-9849/canadianpakistanitimes@gmail.com

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