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    Posted October 13, 2013 by
    Luray, Virginia
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    Shutdown over: What next?

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Joylorien was featured on CNN.com - read the story here. told us, 'I and many others are non-federal workers working at a Lodge in the Shenandoah National Park and officially were handed our walking papers when the government shut-down October 1st. The amount of money we get in October for servers is substantial and helps us through the long winter months when we are closed for four months. I have been at this job for 30 years and have never seen such invasion of our livelihood perpetuated by government officials. It has taken my Christmas savings away, has taken what I could have saved for winter to get heat, food, and pay my bills and worst of all nine of us working at the Park or all the communities surrounding the park who depend on October tourism have no way to recoup our losses. No way at all. In October I can make almost a thousand dollars a week because of the high influx of money and this is not just extra money to play with but money to get thru the winter with. I think what is really bad that I have testified on bills in Richmond and I believe in this democracy of how We The People have access to have our voice heard but this government shutdown has absolutely made me realize how awful of effect government can have in people's livelihood by [being taken away].'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    What I do not see much coverage on is all the people that are adversely affected by this shutdown that have no recourse to recoup their losses which are extensive by the way. I work as a server at Skyland Lodge in the Shenandoah National Park for a company called Delaware North. We got our walking papers October 1st because all National Parks were closed. What is the tragedy here is October is our busiest month and the month where many people get their money to make it through the long winter months when we are laid off for four months. It is a loss that unemployment does not come close to fixing and a loss that extends way beyond the non-federal people who work in the Park. Surrounding communities are taking a direct hit to their finances too for they depend on that October tourism to get them through the winter months.We had hundreds of reservation at the Lodge that we referred to the valley because we were booked up and we had two weddings and bus tours who bring people from other countries to visit this most beautiful place which is the SNP. How can anyone who had a part in shutting down the government look at themselves in the mirror in the morning with all this terrible ripple effect that this shutdown has caused. For what? To defund a program that has not even had the chance to fail or succeed. Really unbelievable to me. Not being able to recoup our losses because I and most of my family and all of my community depend on the October tourism being a gateway to the Shenandoah National Park I was really wondering two things. Is there any way we can recoup our losses by suing the Congress and can the President declare Article 11 Section 111 of the Constitution and declare Constitutional Dictatorship and let the Congress go till he sees fit and open the government and raise the debt ceiling. This is indeed a extraordinary emergency and this shutdown has to end soon for it far outweighs the problems that people are saying is wrong with the ACA. Far greater consequences than any individual mandate etc etc etc. I just want to go back to work, pay my bills and enjoy life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Open the government please!

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