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    Posted October 18, 2013 by
    IRAKLIO, Greece
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    Iceland’s stunning capital



    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Greek iReporter sfakiotakis fell in love with Iceland's capital on a visit in July 2012. "The thing I liked the most about Reykjavik is the atmosphere of the city and the attitude of the people toward other people and toward nature," he said. "Buildings are totally adapted to the natural landscape and it's a very peaceful place to live."
    - sarahbrowngb, CNN iReport producer

    DUring summer 2012 as a solo traveller , I visited Reykjavik. It was a dream come true , because from Greece , it was always toooo expensive to travel to Iceland. So last summer I fnally managed to make the dream come true. I was fascinated by the myhts of Iceland, the volcanos and the landscape, but recently from the great music scene of he country.I like to travel alone to descover the places I go to. So Reykjavik was a really pleasant place to be during july of 2012. The city is welcoming, the people friendly, the weather was sunny ...I am interested in arts and archaeology, so I visited most of the museums of the city , like the lovely national gallery, and te superb national museum. But the main atraction of the city is the street life, the people sunbathing in every park, the coffee scene, groups playing music in every square....loved the beautiful bookstores - coffee houses. the geysir;s heating the parks, the swimming pools in the middle of the city. Icelanders are completely differennt in mentality from greeks....talking to people there...got some different perspective of life. A taxi driver mentioned that why bother build big and expensive houses? it is always a volcano around to make them dissapear....or when talking to another guy....he mentioned that men arekind of decorative in Iceland, since women play football better than men, there is a woman president marrid to another woman etc etc...Could not mentioned the humor in signs on the streets like ..if the IMF returns to Iceland we will let again the volcano errupt....
    or that in souvenir shops ash from the volcanos is sold...
    the city is not full of great atractions, but where else you can taste whale meat? where you can listen to OF MONSTERS AND MEN playing live and free in a park, or watch a viking saga museum, sunbathe next to a geysir all in walking distances? as a greek tourist I was kind of a peculiar spectacle to locals who kept asking me about our common financial problems , and explined how Iceland got through the crisis. such a proud nation could not done anything else than survive. If you live in the far north in such dramatic climate , a financial crisis can not scare you at all....I try to remember things of my visit to Reykjavik and the best memory is the welcome feeling I got from the people., the hype of the city, the great looks of the blondes....the atmosphere of a city that is for sure difficult to survive during winter for a mediterranean guy like me, but was really pleasant during the summer.I could not notice how proudly the nation presents the viking past, the sagas, the material cultural remains, learned a lot about a part of europe tooo far from my country and from my way of life. During july it was almost never completely dark at night and when I asked when nigh falls...I got the reply...in 2 months...
    an old prison in the centre or Reykjavik is changed to a government building...always a residence of thieves as a local mentioned to me... Hard weather has given people a feeling of community, noone can survive alone in such conditions, but to live there you need to be free and equal and everybody respect the life and ideas of everybody. Admired the gay flag on the moist of the town hall...no such thing could happen in Greece for the following centuries...close to the city the landscape is stunning , referring to waterfalls , the Blue lagoon, volcanos , etc etc...
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