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    Posted October 24, 2013 by
    Columbia, South Carolina

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    Sen. Lindsey Graham to USC College Republicans: “We need to target Blacks and their Schools"

    Tonight, in the auditorium of the USC Moore Business School, a polite yet intellectually insulted group of students was informed that the Chinese currency is not a "kind of magic wand". In fact, Sen. Lindsey Graham warned the sparse crowd that the "Chinese Yuan is the biggest threat America currently faces”. This was in response, of course, to a comment  from a student about the NSA spying program.  Rather than providing a real answer, Graham belligerently tried to connect the Chinese Yuan with radical Islam in a sad rant that ended predictably with the threat/warning that America would never be safe because the U.S. Constitution works with the Chinese Yuan and/or radical Islam to kill Americans. Senator Graham has been so blinded by his own greed for power that he allows special interests to fill his mouth, his talking points, and his talking head. U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hegal knows all about Lindsey Graham’s marionette mouth, his propaganda talking points, and his manipulative talking head. If only a South Carolinian, or even an American, were pulling the marionette strings of Senator Lindsey Graham, then a puppet for the people in political theatre would be accepted. Unfortunately, Senator Graham is a puppet for hire against the people. On Aug. 14, 2009, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., met with Col. Muamar Gaddafi and the Libyan dictator's son, Mutassum Gaddafi in a tent in Tripoli. There they discussed such issues as security for the U.S. diplomatic facilities in Tripoli and elsewhere in Libya. That was in addition to the collaboration with the former dictator to facilitate arms sales and military technology. Their excuse for being there, to persuade Gaddafi to comply with predetermined steps for ending his WMD program, is weak in that Gaddafi had been begging to “come clean” since the Clinton administration. Libya would become the largest CIA station in Africa, as American officials worked with Gaddafi to kidnap innocent men and even heavily pregnant women on “ghost flights” from friendly nations to secret  prisons to be tortured and killed. Some of that torture would even provide the nearly instantly discredited and exploited-into-fabrication lie connecting Al Qaeda with Iraq. Senator Lindsey Graham would use this lie to make quite a career for himself in the ongoing trillion dollar war in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi and American lives have been lost and two countries have been morally and financially bankrupt by governments hijacked by greedy special interests that prey on public fear. Senator Graham exploits and manipulates fear to scare his way into power rather than being the real mechanism for change that South Carolina, and America both need and deserve. Neither his statements nor his actions represent the interests of either South Carolina or America. This is because he works for neither. He is a tool of special interests that have a profound interest in, and have succeeded in, selling endless war to a scared and misinformed American public. No matter what flag is flown, terrorism is terrorism.Lindsey Graham attempts to decieve the American public by any means possible in order to weaken laws that keep America safe from people like him:  He seeks the dismassal of habeas corupus; the very legal foundation upon which this country is built. Furlough the Drones.  Human and Mechanical.
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