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    The Man Who is Taking Advantage of His America


    Who would have thought that a teenager who showed up three hours late to an audition, with his music teacher Reggie Andrews, for a national Coke commercial, would not only gain the opportunity, but release 5 solo albums, the star of 16 motion pictures, nominated for 3 Grammy Awards, New R&B/Soul Artist winner at the American Music Awards, and New York Times best seller of 2 books “How to Get Out of Your Own Way” and Manology: Secrets of Your Man's Mind Revealed (co-authored with Rev. Run).

    On October 31, 2013, I had the privilege and honor to take part in an EXCLUSIVE global media conference call where Tyrese introduced and highlighted singer/songwriter, Kenyon Dixon, and hip hop producer, Seige Monstracity to the world, along with giving us the 411 on his new signed artist, Kristal Lyndriette Smith. Prior to his Q & A, he introduced singer/songwriter, Kenyon Dixon, and hip hop producer, Seige Monstracity to the world who are currently signed to Gibson & Gibson Music Publishing . Kenyon lend his pen is noted for receiving his first song placement entitled “What Took You so Long” such as Tyrese’s “Open Invitation” album, and writing the fan favorites on TGT’s (Tyrese, Ginuwine, Tank ) #1 on Billboard “Three Kings” album: “Sex Never Felt Better,” “FYH,” and “Hurry”. Seige Monstracity is currently working with Voltron Recordz recording artist Kristal Lyndriette Smith, David Banner, as well as production on the upcoming movie Fast and The Furious 7.

    After we got to speak with Kenyon and Seige, Mr. Gibson, himself, took the floor and allowed us to ask him some questions and when I tell you that he is the REALEST man that I ever had the pleasure to listen to during a conversation, I am truly not lying. From the tender age of 14 to the audition for the national Cola commercial, Tyrese Gibson has achieved what he never thought of. Growing up with a goal of being a trash man, Tyrese overcame the odds and took the world by storm by setting no rules, no limits, while allowing God to direct his path. With the major success of his first independent album, Open Invitation, released under his label, Voltron Recordz, he continues to prove that you do not need executives, A & R’s, and/or labels dictating your success. Open Invitation was not only a Grammy Nominated Album, but it lasted 11 weeks on the Billboard charts, becoming the biggest accomplishment for an independent artist/label in the states.

    When asked about his collaboration with Ginuwine and Tank, he stated:
    Working with Tank and Ginuwine is nothing but working with friends and making a whole lot of money. He was the Best Man in Ginuwine’s wedding and he has known Tank for over 10 years as tank penned some songs on Tyrese’s prior commercial recording projects. He states that they laugh so much that it’s hard to get work done. They make their collaboration work and maintain their friendship because, “they are all very secure in their own skin”. When discussing stage performance he stated that, “He gets the most screams, Tank takes off his shirt, and Ginwine is
    the dancer.” Which I can agree with, because seeing them individually, I have screamed so hard I became hoarse after seeing Tyrese, I almost fainted when Tank took his shirt off, and I know almost all of Ginuwine’s dance moves off of the “So Anxious” video. Kudos to TGT for their Soul Train Nomination for 2013 Best New Artist.

    When asked which his favorite was, Music or Movies, he stated:
    He truly LOVES music!! He loves that he can make you (the listener) care about what he is feeling.

    When asked about Social Media, he stated:
    “Every person on Twitter, Facebook and Instragram are not followers to me, instead they are my audience. They are waiting, watching and listening for whatever you are about to post. I am the most shameless Twitterer, Facebooker, and Instagramer. You will experience what I want you to see and the experience that comes with me.”

    When asked about sleep and his typical day, he stated:
    He hates to sleep! There is so much that he wants to do and he can’t accomplish anything with his eyes closed. He states that while in a house that he is renting in Atlanta during the taping of Fast & Furious 7, the people that are staying with him are sleep before him and it should be the other way around. He is just that focused and driven that he continues to work while those around him are sleep. But his logic to that is simply this, “I dream with my eyes open. I want to become the things I see.”

    One thing that stuck with me during this conversation was when he stated “I am here to take advantage of my America”. This statement is his grind, his mind, his process, and being an American comes with no limits, no barriers, no barricades to prevent you, stop you, or deny you the ability to become whatever it is that you set your mind too. Mr. Gibson’s only goal was to become a trash man, but he became an American Music Award winner, New York Times Best Seller, and the most loved actor in the world. Freedom, Knowledge, Determination, Focused Mindset, and a Team of like-minded people is the winning recipe of achieving your dreams and Tyrese shows that through every industry that he is connected too.

    Tyrese’s advice to those starting in this business is:
    Remain completely obedient to what god has for you; Continue to dream beyond your finances, your fears, your insecurities because it will happen; Become sit filler at the award shows and keep your flash drives and bio’s on hand at all times; and you MUST get out of your local environment so people can see you, meet you and get to know you. In addition, become associated to the people in the industry in which you desire to belong too.

    So what’s next for Tyrese and Volton Recordz:
     Tyrese is aspiring to release a clothing line for women because “he knows what men want to see women in” and he is releasing a woman’s fragrance, both will carry on the title of his song and entitled, “Sweet Lady.”
     Tyrese is about to launch the “Black Rose” brand by releasing his third book, last solo project, and 7-part documentary after that name. Black Rose is a double album with the first side title “Black Rose and the second, “ Black Ty”. When a reporter asked why he wasn’t continuing a solo career after Black Rose, he stated that he was preparing to spend more time with his 6 year old daughter, since she’s getting older and is at a more impressionable age. But, he will be doing another album with TGT!
     He is currently filming “Fast 7” in Atlanta with director James Wan (Director of the Conjuring) and featuring Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham.
     On November 27, 2013, Tyrese will grace the theaters in the movie, based on the play written by Langston Hughes entitled “Black Nativity. This movie shows Tyrese in a more dramatic role and this is the first time ever that he is singing in a movie.
     Tyrese spoke highly of this woman, remember the name, Kristal Lyndriette Smith, she is the first and only artist signed to his independent label, Voltron Recordz. They will be releasing her first song “Silhouette” very soon.

    Oh and let me say this, I had the privilege to listen in on the call and then given the information to call in to ask questions and while we were conversing with his artist and with him, he was in Vin Diesel’s trailor for the first hour, and then at the airport, getting his boarding pass, going through security, and then riding to his gate to fly to LA. Most people would have not allowed press or handled any type of business while they were in the middle of business, but Tyrese took us on this journey with him, and I think we all must have said thank you 5-10 times to each other before hanging up! A humble man who is blessed, focused, driven, and now given reaching back to help others is a man of God, Honor, and Respect. Stay tuned for more to come………

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