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    Posted November 2, 2013 by
    Alexandria, Egypt
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    Protests in Egypt: Your experiences

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    Despite the attacks protests Continue in Alexandria


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     AhmedMohamed documented people protesting on the streets of Alexandria, Egypt, on November 1. He says protesters are marching in an effort to protest against the arrest of people in the area, and demanding that former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsy be brought back to office. He also adds that people, including himself, are frustrated with the military which he alleges is attacking civilians in Alexandria. 'I think that [the military's] attacks will continue simply because they can attack protesters and they cannot give up the coup because they know that they will be [brought to] trial for their crimes,' he said.
    - Jareen, CNN iReport producer

    After 4 months of continuous attacks on protests in Alexandria that made any form of protesting will be vulnerable for attacks by the armed forces of the new regime that came after the 3rd of July coup, despite all this violence protests continuous and people are more determent to reject the military coup .
    The crackdown on protesters started just after the coup in the 3rd of July thugs, army forces and police launched an attack on pro Legitimacy protesters in Alexandria just minutes after general Al-Sisi announced his coup on television the attack left 3 protesters dead and wounded tens others,the mass killings continued and the peak was on the 14 th of August when army ,and police killed more than 2600 protesters in Rabia square according to the National Alliance for Supporting Legitimacy , human rights watch described the massacre as " Worst Mass Unlawful Killings in Country’s Modern History " http://www.hrw.org/news/2013/08/19/egypt-security-forces-used-excessive-lethal-force
    The mass killings haven’t stopped after that for example on 6th of October scores of peaceful protesters were shot dead by army soldiers
    " " Evidence gathered from eyewitnesses, health officials and wounded protesters suggests security forces used live ammunition to disperse crowds of mostly peaceful demonstrators on 6 October, " said Amnesty International.


    The killing of mass numbers of protesters attracted some media attention but another form of violation has gone mostly unnoticed which is mass arrests ,since the coup thousands of protesters, pro Legitimacy activists and Muslim brotherhood members were arrested some from their work places or homes and many from protests or after attending protests on their way home, last Thursday the 31st of October a new movement called " 7Am" started their activities in the early morning of Thursday by organizing a peaceful march they were attacked and many protesters were arrests including 22 girls later that day I attended a human chain to demand releasing of those protesters we stood on the sea road in Sidi Bishr district for about an hour and half and we left before police attack us I covered the human chain here http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1055236 .
    On Friday November the 1st protesters gathered at the same place where we made our human chain a day later but they were attacked a hundred protesters were injured and 50 others were arrested and I couldn’t join the protest, later the same day a sudden night march were organized and I participated in it .
    We moved from loran district in Alexandria and moved on the Al-huria main ST before moving to the interior streets in the area to avoid attacks by police and army forces the march continued for about an hour and during the protest protesters chanted against the arrests that was made later that day and day before it they also demanded releasing of all the arrested citizens and they chanted against the coup they raised the 4 fingers slogans that represent Rabia square they demanded trials for all the individuals responsible for the massacres since the 3rd of July coup and they raised photos for president Morsy demanding his return to the office ,they also canted against the night curfew and demanded the end of emergency law.
    In this Ireport I uploaded videos from the Friday night march and Thursday human chain I take these videos by myself by a mobile phone while participating in them

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