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    Posted November 6, 2013 by
    Hawthorn, Australia
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    ‘Doctor Who’ turns 50

    Never Too Late


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Riccardo39 told me, 'I think the biggest impact is that Doctor has had for me (and I specifically mean "my" Doctor here, the Tenth) is as a figure I can identify and empathize with. The Doctor is an outsider, he is a lonely angel, and, even though he adventures through space and time, he never allows himself to find a place to settle down, to rest and stop running. Despite all of that, he maintains a cheery outlook and a cheeky attitude, which I love and try to emulate in my own life. The community of "Whovians" has also had a huge impact on me. Everyone I have met is so friendly, inclusive, kind and interesting! It really is the best fandom I have been a part of!'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    Looking back on it, it really was fate that I would become a Doctor Who fan boy.
    I have always been the nerdy type, and have never been ashamed of it, even going so far as to watch anime on a portable DVD player on public transportation while at university.
    But I was never especially interested in Doctor Who, even though I attended conventions and threw myself into activities like cosplay, LARPing and online gaming. With such a long running and involved fandom, I really had no idea where to start.
    Then I happened upon an advert for a Fourth Doctor marathon on the SF channel here in Australia. I was in a pretty low place in my life, my twin brother having recently moved overseas to get married, leaving me feeling pretty lonely. He was a fan of the program, and had tried to get me into it a few times, so I thought watching it might help remind me of him, even if I didn't quite get it.
    The second that Tom Bakers glorious voice responded to the accusation from Sarah Jane that he was being childish with "Well, of course I am! There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes". I knew I was totally hooked.
    I immediately decided to start exploring this world, beginning from the 2005 reboot, which is where I found MY Doctor, the irrepressible, cheeky, spirited, but ultimately totally alone hero that is the Tenth Doctor. It's no surprise I felt a kindred spirit in him. I still can't think of "I don't want to go" without tearing up!
    I have fully embraced the fandom, going back and exploring the classic series on DVD, but also with the expanded universe found in the novels and audio dramas. I found I was particularly found of the emotional, sweet natured and dashingly handsome Fifth Doctor, so when Peter Davison "came out" as a gay icon recently, explaining the outsider nature of the Doctor made him identifiable with the LGBT community, I was utterly thrilled, as I had made this connection as well in my own life as a gay man.

    I am now a committed Whovian, recently attending my first convention cosplaying as the Doctor (Ten, of course) and having a brilliant time. I am also booked in for a Tenth Doctor tattoo on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the show!

    I'm a little cross at myself that it took me this long to embrace the show, but I'm excited to explore it's past and be involved in it's future!
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