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    Pat Buchanan on “The Death of Christianity”

    In a video interview by the Hoover Institution posted on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GG1rFA_QEk), Pat Buchanan, former speech writer to President Richard Nixon, Communications Director to President Ronald Regan and a past candidate for U.S. President, advances and documents the following concerning Christianity as a Gentile-centered religion:

    A significant theme advanced by Buchanan in the interview is the following: Western Civilization, as created by Christianity, has disintegrated and is dead and Christianity itself has gone down with it. Specifically, this includes the following:

    1. The West has disintegrated...it has died

    2. Western empires controlled the entire world...(they have lost everything)

    3. Europe — Pope Benedict XVI said Europe is a “desert of godlessness”

    4. Western people, those who upheld Western values are shrinking in numbers through low birthrate

    5. As Western civilization is going and has gone...so has Christianity

    6. The whole Christian-influenced consensus that in the past held Americans together as one nation and one American people has collapsed

    7. The “Melting Pot” that transformed cultural diversity into one American people and culture is gone; “multiculturalism” has taken its place

    8. Christianity was the “cradle faith” of Western civilization. It was what held us together in the West as a community and a civilization. This Christianity is dying or is dead as a predominant social influence

    9. With the death of Christianity has come the death of its moral code and the Christian moral consensus in the West

    10. The cultural wars that began in the 1960s were rooted in (or arose from) the death of the Christian faith

    I am in support of these conclusions from Buchanan. Mid-twentieth century was the final point of transition when the Christian-based traditional era ended and a godless worldview overtook the West.
    At the same time, something new is being born, as the world is seeing the Jews and Israel increasingly taking center stage.
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