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    Posted November 7, 2013 by
    Bangkok, Thailand

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    Source: Naew Na; Date: Jun 20, 2013


    After the coup of September 19, 2006, Pol. Lt. Col. Thaksin, the scandalous former Prime Minister, became a convict and fugitive from a corruption case, according to the court’s verdict. The Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Persons Holding Political Positions handed down a sentence to confiscate his assets valued at 460 billion baht and make them properties of the realm because he could not explain their sources. It was believed that those assets were illegally obtained. It raised questions regarding the unusual wealth amidst rumors about gigantic fraud when the former scandalous Prime Minister was in power as the leader of the country. The 460 billion baht confiscated by court and made property of the realm was noted to be only a tiny part of massive wealth accumulation of Shinawatra kindred. It was manipulated, laundered, transferred, and hidden in various locations outside the country. Some people suspected it was during the period when Pol. Lt. Col. Thaksin had been in power for 6 years. There was news about gigantic corruption like never before and it is believed the money from fraud is of enormous value. This was like what Saneua Thienthong, the former Thai Rak Thai Party President and the person who made Thaksin the Prime Minister in his 1st term, revealed in his book, “Seeing Through Thaksin 4” that there had to be payment under the table in every project during the era of Thaksin’s government.


    At the same time, there were rumors that he gloatingly earned his living even through appointments and transfers of government officials during his time, especially those of police officers. This was particularly so for police officers wanting promotions to control grade-A areas in the capital with plenty of various allurements. They would have to pay “tribute” in tens of millions of baht in exchange for the positions. However, if those were grade-B or –C upcountry posts, the price of “tribute” cascaded down. There were a lot of police officers across the country so just imagine how much the “tribute” was totally.


    For people in Pheu Thai Party who wanted to be ministers, if they were not minions molded by Shinawatra kindred, they had to contribute certain amount of money to get into the party. This may go into whosever pockets totaling hundreds of millions of baht. The amount was more or less up to whether or not the ministry was grade-A, -B or –C.


    Although 460 billion baht was confiscated and he is in the middle of wandering abroad, Pol. Lt. Col. Thaksin can still live luxuriously and comfortably. He has a private jet to fly to various countries around the world. The amount of money is so massive that he could fling some capital to buy a famous soccer club in England and invest in various businesses globally. This raises suspicion about where he has got the money from and what the real amount of his assets is. There have been agreeable estimates from both Thai and foreign media that he probably had his assets increased by several hundred billions baht when the former scandalous Prime Minister had been in power for 6 years. It is believed that the massive assets have been secretly manipulated and transferred in an alchemic fashion before they were sent to various countries to be laundered, especially on the money-laundering British Virgin Islands.


    Prior to that, British officials froze Pol. Lt. Col. Thaksin’s assets worth more than 4 billions USD when the source of his wealth could not be explained.


    The Global Finance Integrity (GFI) previously pointed out that there was dirty money from crimes and corruption during 2000-2010 flowing from Thailand with an annual average of 2 trillions baht or totaling 20 trillion baht in 10 years.


    Most of the dirty money was believed to be from corruption of political leaders. They transferred the massive amount of money to various money-laundering sources in the world, especially the British Virgin Islands. That is the most scandalous money-laundering source for those corrupt tyrannical leaders because all the information is kept the safest and most confidential.


    From the data identified by the US intelligence reports, a former US ambassador to Thailand revealed to a prominent person in Thailand that Pol. Lt. Col. Thaksin concealed substantial assets in various countries around the world, particularly on the British Virgin Islands. This may be an important factor enabling him to maintain his prestige and power till today from the enormous capital. It can buy numerous lackeys and minions, or even hire ghosts to grind flour. His main goal is to establish Thaksin regime to absolutely monopolize power and resolutely seize the country.

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