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    The Jackson's "Tenacious" Diva ~ Tanay Jackson!!!! Living in her Destiny.....


    The people you think of when you talk about the Jackson Family are The Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and the sizzling hot single by Rebbie Jackson “Centipede,” but what you probably didn’t know is that the Jackson legacy is still holding strong and with Tanay Jackson on the scene, things are surely about to heat up!!

    Tanay Jackson is the daughter of Tito Jackson, the guitarist of the Jackson 5 and the brother to the late-great legendary Michael Jackson. Following in her uncle’s footsteps, Tanay is taking the world by storm with a strong overseas following, she has performed in Holland, Amsterdam, France, and in Romania at the Crystal Music Fest (Isai, Romania). She stated, “Romania is one of the countries that still recognize my uncle, truly loves my uncle, and to continue on the legacy they have asked me to come and perform, which is an honor that many has not received.” With the release of her 4 singles “Spotlight”, “Honey”, “Addicted”, “Naughty Girls Need Love” (classic remake of Samantha Fox), her recent performance for the pre-show at Hot 97 Summer Jam 2013, and being a professional dancer, Tanay is clearly getting off to a great start.


    Who is Tanay Jackson?


    Tanesha Jonelle Jackson, or simply just “Tanay Jackson” says that she is very, “Tenacious” !!!! She is a woman with a passion in Music, Dance, and Fashion Designing. She loves chocolate, shopping, juicing fruits & vegetables, lying in her bed, and hanging out with friends, “Anything to stimulate the fun part of my brain”!


    How long have you been singing and what made you carry on the legacy of the Jackson name, by performing?


    Tanay stated that she had her first performance at school when she was the age of 4, where she had to recite a line but because her brother was picking with her before the show she got on stage and said nothing. But she always sung around the house, she had a piano, music was always her life, but it was not until her 4th grade teacher witnessed her gift and gave her the lead in a stage play that people started to realize that Tanay can sing. However, since she was not ready for the big stage, she turned away from the spotlight and took an interest in dance and designing. By the age of 12, Jackson began writing poetry and music for fun. This genius songwriter has already received writing royalties from JASCAR in Japan for one of her songs. Sony Urban noticed her excellent writing and tried to negotiate a publishing deal with the talented performer.


    In junior high school, Tanay became a professional dancer, training 4-6 hours a day after school every day. She danced with Alvin Ailey Dance Company and many others in New York. By the time she got to high school, she landed a dancing role in her uncle’s video “Remember The Time” and Tanay knew at that point, it was time to get to work, but with a promise she made to her mom and dad, “not pursuing her a career until after she graduated from college” she focused on her education. Tanay Jackson received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management in 2006 and has now started her professional career as an entertainer and is now CEO and President of Roth Entertainment and Lunar Music.


    Being the niece of the Legendary Michael Jackson, did you find your journey into this business easy or hard?


    She stated, “It was hard. People would like to think, “oh because you’re a Jackson, your name will take you far”. If I were using the name to get myself further, I would have been popular a long time ago and not struggling now. I get no slack for being a Jackson. My last name only gets me more scrutiny and makes people expect a lot more from me. I’m doing this on my own with no help.


    Now I heard your new single “Addicted ( Rollin Poppin ), I must say I love your style and your vibe… do you write your own lyrics?


    Yes I have always wrote my own lyrics. A person like me has a lot to say. When I write a song, usually it’s based on my experience or the experience of others. I have all the creative control on writing and choosing my songs.


    You are the CEO and President of Roth Entertainment & Lunar Music, how can artist become a part of it?


    She states, “Currently Lunar music is not taking any talent right this moment but will be in the near future. Roth Entertainment is an entertainment company and talent booking agency of mine which is currently active. Roth Entertainments roster is full. When she is ready to look for new talent to book, it will be advertised on social media and other media outlets.”


    How is your relationship with the Jackson Family?


    It is not easy, but I am a strong woman, she says. “Tito Jackson is my dad and I am the sister to Toriano, Taryll, and Tito, Jr” . Out of her brothers she is the closest to “TJ” and she is currently managed by her cousin. When I asked her if this was disheartening, she stated, ‘It is not disheartening, because I know the truth, I know my purpose, and I know God has a better plan for me.” Also, she stated that she grew up in Maryland, but her dad always came to see her or checked on her.


    When she stated in the business, she stated her dad did manage her, but they had to part ways because by him growing up in the business in the 60’s and 70’s; the image, music, and industry today is not too his liking. She is still dad’s little girl, so he wants her wrapped up, controlled, and with the image that Joe had for them, but Tanay is not having that. She says “my dad is very protective, and would control my every move if let him”, which makes me thinks of when Janet Jackson did the song, “Control,” taking that stand on independence and doing it her way. But this tenacious young woman says, Love you dad, but, “I got this”.


    What are your goals for 2014?


    To be successful and allow what God has given to me to be well-received.


    Are you in a relationship or enjoying Single life?


    She was in a relationship with New York Jets player Bret Lockett, which she spoke highly of. She dated a Supermodel and also dated Rich Dollaz (yes ladies off of Love & Hip Hop), but now Tanay said she is focused on her business, her music, and traveling. She does date and go out but nothing serious.


    What is one thing you want your fans to always remember about you?


    I fought for my destiny


    Tanay Jackson was a joy to interview, we talked on the phone for over 2 hours, her story proves that “everything you see on TV is not always true”! I wish Tanay much success and will give her my support whenever she needs it. If you want to contact Tanay Jackson, you can contact her on social media at:


    Facebook: Tanay Jackson
    Twitter: Tanay Jackson
    Instragram: Tanay Jackson




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