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    Exclusive Area 51 Images and Unexplained Lights.

    With the declassification of top secret information posted by the National Security Archive over the past few months and most recently yesterday, I wanted to share my own exclusive experiences and photos of Area 51. A few months ago a friend and I decided to take a trip to Area 51 to see for ourselves what was going on, or not going on out in the middle of the Nevada desert.
    We decided to spend the first night up at the top of Tikaboo Peak, the only legal viewing area of Area 51, 26 miles away from the base. What we captured through long exposure photography is still unexplained to this day. In photograph #4, the red streaks are stars that move across the sky in the 57 second exposure. The blue/green light hovering just above the base is what we can’t explain.
    After an exciting night on top of Tikaboo Peak, we decided to get a closer look and spend another night just off Groom Lake Road, just a few miles from the front gate of Area 51. Groom Lake Road is the major transportation hub in and out of Area 51. We witness a lot of activity, including huge semi trucks carrying big equipment and building materials that were partial covered up to hide the contents. We also drove by a huge empty trailer that had been left in the middle of the road. It seemed Area 51 had some major building jobs happening.
    Continuing down the road, we had only stopped a few minutes before the private security for Area 51, also known as the “camo dudes” drove down the dusty Groom Lake Road in their white Ford Raptor to check out what we were doing. They ended up “monitoring” us every few hours both day and night but never made contact. Along with the huge semi trucks and private security vehicles, we also witnessed a white bus coming both in and out of the main gate. This bus supposedly shuttles workers to and from the base Monday through Friday.
    We may never know what operations are happening or did happen at Area 51 but one thing is for sure. They are not only continuing operations at the base but are also expanding. It is most certainly an active base, being actively protected.
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