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    Posted November 14, 2013 by
    Fairburn, Georgia
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    ‘Doctor Who’ turns 50

    5 Year Whovian and Counting...


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     MGHSFAN told me the show has enriched his life in the five years he has been a fan, trying to cram in 50 years of history.
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    Hello my fellow Whovians! My name is Matthew Brewer from Fairburn GA and as I'm typing this, I'm wondering where should I begin my tale of my love of the Time Lord from from Gallifrey? Well, let's start about 5 years ago... I was in college when I overheard from a friend about it and seeing a commercial on the SciFi Channel. At first, I wasn't really interested. It took my summer break that I watched my first episode which was a repeat from series 4 called "Partners in Crime". So that would make David Tennent (aka 10th Doctor (2006 - 2009) ) my very first Doctor. And for a while, I would watch that particular series for hours and hours. And inturn, I would research about the show from Wikipedia and other fansites across the web. And from that, I would start my long going treks to Barnes and Noble to buy the Classic Series DVDs and my first two was "Time Warrior" from the Jon Pertwee years (1970-4) and "The Ark for Space" from the infamous and long running Tom Baker years (1974-81) (both would have my favorite companion, Sarah Jane Smith, played by Elizabeth Sladen from 1973-1976). And slowly but surely, my Whovian DVD collection would grow and grow. But I would like move on to the Doctor that would be my personal favorite. I have two (one from the classic series and one from new series). From the classic series, it would be hands down the 4th Doctor played by Tom Baker. He was so aloof, charming, fun to be around with, scattered brained (in a way I am), and he had great morals that no one has ever matched up with. The outfit he wore during he tenure was one of the best I've seen plus that scarf! I give it 2 thumbs up!!! But the one from the new series is the one I actually followed from his beginning: the raggedy, bow-tied, tweedy, floppy haired, child-like, fish-finger and custard lover, fez wearing, very curious, and the one I would most of the time dress up as: the 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith (2010-2013). Since his start in 2010, I really followed his run down to the letter, I even have three 11th's sonic screwdrivers. To help make a long story long story short. All of that helped make some new friends that was also Whovians themselves, plus, I got involved in a Web-based fanseries in Georgia in which I was an extra and production assistant on it. And as of this year, I was able to meet the 5th Doctor (Peter Davison, 1982-1984), 6th Doctor (Colin Baker, 1984 -1986), and 7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy, 1987 - 1989) at two different conventions in Atlanta. And this year, I was able to make one dream come true, dress up as the 4th Doctor, complete with a bag of Jelly Babies!!! In short, the biggest impact that "Doctor Who" has made in my life is now that I got to explore my inner geek more and I've also became more social with people that are Whovians like me, long time or beginners, even explored other interests that I have never incounted, like the Doctor. In the past, I would really keep to myself most of the time and don't go out alot. But thanks to that lovable Time Lord, I've became abit more social and outgoing. in fact, my first convention I ever went to, The Doctor was my very first costume and every year I would find a way to improve it piece by piece. As the 50th anniversary is coming around the corner, I will waving my sonics up high and celebrate the the big day with friends and dress up as the Doctor again. Now, as what Doctor? "Who" knows? ;-) Until then, "Allons-y" and "Geronimo"!!

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