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    Posted November 16, 2013 by
    Fraser, Michigan
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    Dr. Dr. Phil Cyril Wecht Jacob Limberios

    Dr. Phil and Cyril Wecht really loses all credibility with today’s show. Somehow they got the idea at the only way Jacob Limberios could have been killed is if someone shot him. They say there was no gunpowder residue. First of all the Gun could have fell and hit the couch or floor and went off from 5 feet away accidentally, because he was standing. If he was holding the gun over his head when it dropped it could’ve fell from 8 feet away it went off with no gunpowder residue at all. Secondly the police did not test for gunpowder residue. They only tested for gunpowder residue several months later after they dug up the body. It’s not as if there was no gunpowder residue, they simply said they could not find any. My questions for Jacob’s father and Dr. Phil and his cronies. Did Jacob have a funeral? Did the mortician clean the blood off the body for the funeral? If the mortician cleaned the blood off the body, wouldn’t that have cleaned off any gunpowder residue? Did Cyril Wecht find evidence of mortician’s makeup on the body? When someone dies all their blood runs out and they need to have makeup to look good at the funeral. If Cyril Wecht could not even find mortician’s makeup on the body, how could he find gunpowder residue? Did Jacob Limberios learn gun safety? Did Jacob’s father say his son wanted to have a party at his house with alcohol? Is that part of gun safety to mix loaded guns with alcohol? Is that part of gun safety to bring a loaded gun to alcohol party? Is it part of some gun safety, to give kids who never shot a gun and never had gun safety classes, a loaded gun and tell them to go shoot it at a party where they have been drinking? Who taught Jacob gun safety laws? Do you realize how powerful the NRA and the gun lobby is? Did you know how much money is made in the gun business? Why would anyone in their right mind leave a loaded gun around at a alcohol party with people he did not know? Why didn’t the father say if you’re going to have an alcohol party don’t bring a loaded gun? Does his father know the reason why you’re not supposed to drink and drive and guns and alcohol don’t mix? It is in the best interest of the gun lobby to make all accidents look like suicides. Nobody is going to buy a gun if they believe it will go off by accident if they dropped it. I’ve known people who dropped $1200 laptops, not on purpose they lose the $1200 laptop. But luckily it was a $1200 laptop and not a $700 gun or they would be dead. There are 35,000 suicides by gun in the United States every year. But that is on paper. There is no proof that those were suicides, they very well could have been accidents that the gun lobby has made look like suicides, so they can sell more guns. Did you know it’s a matter of national security to make these gun accidents look like suicide, to arm America? Nobody wanted to label this as a suicide except the gunlobby for their own profits and the government for national security sake. I’m almost absolutely sure I argued with Jacob in one of my antigun videos. He is one of the GunNuts that claims guns don’t kill people. Perhaps that is why he gave a loaded gun to complete strangers, who he knew had no gun safety classes and have never shot a gun before in their lives. That in itself could be considered suicide or complete stupidity. Watch my videos on GoTimothy channel on YouTube. And thumbs up my video I have a lot of GunNuts who thumbed them down because they don’t want to hear about the truth that guns kill people. I don’t know why Dr. Phil or Cyril Wecht seems to think someone’s hand needed to be on the gun for it to go off. It simply could’ve went off by dropping it on the floor as he reached to grab it as it was dropping, going through his left temple out the right side of his head and into the ceiling. If anyone else in the room would have shot that gun the bullet would’ve ended up in the opposite wall and Dr. Phil and Cyril Wecht knows it. But they also know they have to make this look like a suicide or murder to protect the gunlobby and their billions of dollars in profits. No one will buy guns when they figure out the 35,000 who die from suicide every year are actually gun accidents there were labeled suicide to sell more guns. Wake up people guns kill people and the gunlobby is lying to you. It is run by mafia thugs who killed tens of thousands of people year for profit.

    Comments to people on Dr. Phil’s website.
    Some guy claims someone yelled the careful the gun is loaded just before Jacob was shot but they did not watch the show.

    You did not watch the show or you’re taking things out of context. Will said at one point Jacob said “be careful the gun is loaded” but that was when they were outside shooting, not just before the gun went off by accident. But it was no accident, Jacob mixed alcohol with a loaded gun and gave that loaded gun to kids, he did not know, who he knew had no gun safety courses and that he knew were drunk. That is such stupidity, it should be considered suicide.

    Someone else commented that Jacob was not drinking but even his father admitted Jacob said he wanted to have a party at his house with alcohol and his father said no. He had alcohol in his blood they simply said he was not drunk

    No they said he wasn't drunk but they didn't test the other kids for alcohol and I'm sure they said they only had two drinks. If Dr. Phil would've asked them under the lie detector how many drinks they had they will have proved to be lying.


    Dr. Phil, Cyril Wecht, Jacob Limberios, gun lobby, National Rifle Association, NRA, suicides, gun accidents, guns kill people,

    You didn’t even read what I said.

    1. Cyril Wecht the autopsy expert did not find gun powder residue, but he did not do the autopsy till several months after the funeral.

    2. The mortician cleaned the body for the funeral and put makeup on him. He didn’t look for gunpowder residue. But he may have cleaned up any gunpowder residue and put makeup over any burns so that the autopsy expert could not find it.

    3. Just because they did not find gunpowder residue does not mean someone else shot him. The police did not check for gunpowder residue immediately after the shooting.

    Over 1 million people died from Chernobyl radiation but on paper no one died from Chernobyl’s radiation because it would cost industry billions. Millions die from tobacco every year but on paper nobody dies from tobacco because they could sue the tobacco companies. Over 35,000 people year are killed by gun accidents but they are always labeled suicide so the gun lobby can sell more guns. The government claims they never had a nuclear accident but people in the military claimed they happen all the time. It’s a matter of national security to keep Americans armed and that means make all gun accidents, look like suicide to Sell More Gun’s and give the illusion “guns don’t kill people, people do” if you drop a gun on the floor it will go off and there will be no gunpowder residue, because the floor is to far away.
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