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    Posted November 19, 2013 by
    Kandy, Sri Lanka
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    Get well Wishes to Jutka from the ireport Community


    Hi I'm Shari - ireporter sunethra. from the ireport community, and I would like to write on behalf of my good friend and fellow ireporter Jutka Barabas of her adventures on a ship (she was working on the ship) I decided to narrate her story mainly because she is sick and will be undergoing spinal surgery today, 18th Nov.2013 I would also like to convey to her my moral support as well as the ireport communitys' support,  for courage, hope and faith that she so desperately seeks to fully recover from spinal surgery. This surgery takes place at the Queens Medical Centre, in Honolulu, in Hawaii.


    My friend Jutka embarked on her journey in the usual aplomb and enthusiasm she has for adventure, she mustered her herculean stamina to join this ship mainly to work, she still had aches and pains and battled the pain in her chest as well, but since she had to work hard, she put aside her ills at the back bench for the moment and went ahead on her journey by sea. A journey of constant search for medical remedies as well. This was a long way from "Home sweet Home" a long and arduous, wait on rough seas, battling storms and waves as high as the ship itself banging against the ships decks and lower deck and potholes a journey where most of the passengers fell sea sick, Jutka stood her ground and at one time she told me that she felt like she was on the 'Titanic' when they passed a certain spot in Southampton and yet during the high restless storm and winds she managed to to hold her head up high...that's just Jutka ! her journey took her to many far away places that one could dream off  ever going, Indonesia, Bali,Australia, Seoul, India England Switzerland, Jordon, Egypt, Maale, Thailand, Malaysia and last but not least my own dear country Colombo, Sri Lanka!! where I was able to meet her briefly,  - before that ,I did manage to fly to Maale and meet her for the first time in July.


    Just before docking in Colombo Sri Lanka at the Harbor somewhere around the 30th of September Jutka had the misfortune of severely injuring herself when the ships door banged on her neck and shoulder causing immense pain and this is when all the trouble started right back again raising its ugly head and striking her a blow and knocking her off her feet at which point she had to give up her work and travel as by this time she was in excruciating pain and was unable to walk or stand properly she was confined to her cabin with just the pothole and her miserable thoughts looking out at endless sea waters and islands go by.. Now this was a crucial time as the ship was now close to docking in Colombo Sri Lanka, and unfortunately for both of us I could not enter the harbor and neither could she get out of the ship to meet me either, when for our luck one of the Agents in SL for the ship that she was travelling very kindly offered to bring her by vehicle outside of the harbor gates to meet me, where I was patiently waiting to see her once more. When I saw her I was quite shocked at how much she had gone down this tiny lady was she really Jutka? Her face was drained and wreathed in pain, but managed to smile that sweet smiles of hers which lit up her face at the sight of me... we were of course both delighted to see each other once again, although very brief, after which the good agent had to whisk her off back to the ship as she could not stand for long.


    After her departure from Colombo Jutka proceeded to Thailand where things turned bad for her and at which point she had to be taken by stretcher her neck tied  and bound like a mummy now unable to move she was hurriedly flown to the Koi Samui Thailand Hospital where she spent about 17 days while the ship sailed away without her., there after she was again flown via ambulance and stretcher from Thailand to Honolulu Hawaii (Ah! Home Sweet Home) but what a way to arrive I kept thinking) Once at the Queens Medical Centre in Honolulu she was subject to all sorts of tests and scans etc. and surgery was the only option left to correct her spinal and neck injury,. But unfortunately for Jutka it was postponed 3 times much to her dismay and horror, however the staff did their very best to give her the best of care, and so she grinned and bore everything with fortitude and courage until the next date of surgery was fixed for her. She told me that all 3 hospitals from Thailand, Bangkok to Hawaii gave her all the love and care she needed.


    I think that Jutka despite all the trials and tribulations she has gone though is a very brave lady to jump all these hurdles with success, Jutka in spite of her sickness remains in a cheerful mood with a sweet smile upon her face, a sight for sore eyes for anyone visiting a hospital. She loved all ther doctors and nurses and helpers who cared for her well, during her stay at all 3 hospitals - but she was also very disappointed when she could not achieve her dream of seeing the tallest building in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates, she did have the tickets for viewing same but sadly she could not visit the building.  Better luck to you next time dear Jutka.


    I would appreciate very much if my fellow ireporters and friends were so kind as to join hands in sending her way  Warm Wishes for her speedy recovery and rest, from surgery., and hoping to see her back in her saddle once more at ireport.


    Last but not least, Jutka's favourite Jayawickreme Home for Children also send their good wishes to her via video.


    Get well soon, Jutka


    Shari Atukorala
    CNN ireporter sunethra.
    Sri Lanka

    19th November, 2013

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