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    Chinchillas Ideal Family Pets


    If you are reading this article, chances are, you are in the market for a chinchilla and want to find out more chinchilla facts before you adopt one.


    Chinchillas are ideal family pets and can be handled by adults and children because they rarely bite, they are clean, intelligent, social, very entertaining, and easy to clean.


    Chinchillas are high-quality rodents and although many rodent owners look upon the chinchilla as an oversized guinea pig, they are more like a furry puppy, and they have a personality similar to a park squirrel.


    The best potential owners are those who are away during the day. This is because chinchillas are nocturnal and begin to get more active when the sun goes down.


    Chinchilla facts


    Here are some interesting chinchilla facts you need to know if you are considering it as a pet.

    • Chinchillas have extremely dense fur, and the pads of their feet are fleshy and hairless. Their red blood cells carry more oxygen than other rodents or rabbits. They can’t tolerate hot weather above 25.8C or over 40 percent humidity.

    • They have defense mechanism called ‘fur slip’ that when grabbed by predators they have the ability to lose a large patch of fur to allow them to escape leaving the attacker with a huge clump of fur.

    • They are very agile and can jump over six feet high. While their hearing is more sensitive than humans, they can pick up the same tones and pitches.

    • Chinchillas are among the most expensive rodents. Before investing in a chinchilla, you must be aware that they have razor-sharp incisors that can damage their belongings inside their cage. Consider the long-term cost like veterinarian and health care expense to keep your pet in excellent health. Initially, expect to spend a couple of hundred dollars for chinchilla and supplies.

    • While they look cuddly and cute, their big teeth can damage food containers, and toys so replace chewable objects regularly. Chinchillas are fun and loving like cats and dogs. However, they need a spacious cage about 6’ x6’ x 4’ with a place to hide, an exercise wheel, a toy, freshwater, and food. Place it away from strong direct sunlight with at least one side to the wall. Cages should be cleaned every two days and sprinkle baking soda in the corner where he uses to eliminate.


    Do's-and-don'ts with Chinchillas


    A very active chinchilla needs a large specialty exercise wheel that can be purchased online. They love cardboard boxes to hide in and destroy. They also love dust bathing so you can supply him with cornstarch or corn meal in a shallow dish.


    Like rodents, chinchillas have teeth that grow all their lives so these teeth must be continually worn down. Be sure to have plenty of things for him to chew in his cage. However, don’t allow your chinchilla to run free in the house because it will chew it down, and this indiscriminate chewing will expose him to household toxins.


    They love apple, pizza crust, raisins, and chetos, and they will do anything to get it, but they should be given as treats or not given at all because it will lead to upset stomach, diarrhea, and eventual death.


    Chinchilla characteristics


    Chinchillas have many characteristics that make them great pets. They lack the unpleasant smell. They have no objectionable noises. They have beautiful soft lush fur. They have inquisitive and boisterous nature but have relatively short attention spans.


    An Adult female chinchilla can weigh two pounds heavier than males. Their exceptionally long pregnancy takes up to 111 days.


    The most common color is silvery gray, but they also come in ebony, beige, white, and sapphire color.


    Owning a chinchilla is a long-term commitment. Chinchillas stick around longer than hamsters, and gerbils. Some of them even live over fifteen years.


    Chinchillas are very affectionate, charming, and
    appealing creatures and quickly bond with their owners. Lavish him with attention and affection and he will reward you with cleanliness, a great sense of humor and entertain you with his antics.

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