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    Posted November 26, 2013 by
    London, United Kingdom

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    Matt Damon, Russell Brand and Co. calling for a revolution. What else?


    So, Matt Damon, Russell Brand and Co. want to change the world, calling for civil disobedience here, calling for a revolution there...


    You may have recently watched the video showing actor Matt Damon reading from Howard Zinn’s 1970 speech entitled “The Problem is Civil Obedience” (well, yes… contrary to what many on social networks say, these aren’t Damon’s words) or the video of comedian Russell Brand interviewed on BBC’s Newsnight by Jeremy Paxman.


    Although his words may sound good and seem to reflect the reality in some ways, Howard Zinn, whose speech was read by Matt Damon on the video, was a great admirer of Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chavez who, as we know was far from a model for the rest of the world! (Blatant corruption, no judicial independence, press freedom offender, police crime impunity, etc.)


    As for Russell Brand, his political agenda is about a “socialist egalitarian system” that involves a “massive redistribution of wealth,” “some heavy taxation of corporations,” etc. Although he is calling for a revolution, he says that governments need massive centralisation. There is nothing revolutionary in all this. It is called socialism and we know all too well where the centralisation of power led some countries: hundreds of millions of people have died because of communism and socialism in the last century thanks to socialist dictators: Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol-Pot, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, etc.


    So, Damon, Brand and Co. want YOU to change the world. They want YOU to make the sacrifice.


    What about YOU, the father or mother who wakes up at 3.00am, works 15 hours a day to get peanuts from their two or three day jobs to help their family survive through the recession, barely has a chance to see their spouse or children when they finally come back home because they need to sleep?


    What about YOU, the father or mother who struggles through life and, basically, doesn't rake in $3 million for a Nespresso Ad or appears on TV again and again to promote their videos or latest show?


    Can the like of Matt Damon and Russell Brand realistically expect YOU, the father or the mother who, through their hard work and sacrifices in life want to give their children a better life, to jump into the train of the revolution and forget what they are supposed to do for their family survival, simply because some bored Hollywood star (who once supported Obama... but that was before!) [sic!] and some loud comedian (craving for fame by all means after a failed marriage with a real Superstar singer!) [sic!] suddenly realise, between two coffees ("What else?") or two page 3 dates, that life down the hill is unfair?


    Damon, Brand and Co. are no prophets, no saints, no models to follow. They have no legitimacy to talk on YOUR behalf. They don’t represent YOU. They won’t be sacked if they decide not to go to work tomorrow. They won’t help YOU when life gets rough for YOU and your family. They are millionaires.


    What Damon, Brand and Co. offer is just the illusion that a perfect world is possible if YOU make the sacrifice. Not them. The problem is that if YOU are arrested for protesting in the streets or for civil disobedience, you will get a tough sentence through a slow justice. If Damon, Brand and Co. are arrested for the same offence, they will be freed within hours on bail because they are rich and famous. They will benefit the very system they pretend they want to fight. YOU won’t!


    What Damon, Brand and Co. offer is just a millionaires' illusion and definitely not a solution!


    What else?

    This clip of Ocean's Thirteen (with George Clooney... "Who else?") shows casino owner Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) going on Oprah to claim to be a philanthropist. A profile all good two-faced politician, celebrity and businessman must easily identified with. [Watch it til the end!]


    Watch the clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKAi_Zpp0_E

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