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    Posted November 28, 2013 by
    District of Columbia

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    A vaccine to help what?

    "More than 90 per cent of children with autism spectrum disorders suffer from chronic, severe gastrointestinal symptoms. Of those, about 75 per cent suffer from diarrhea, according to current literature."


    "First Vaccine to Help Control Some Autism Symptoms
    Apr. 24, 2013 — A first-ever vaccine created by University of Guelph researchers for gut bacteria common in autistic children may also help control some autism symptoms."

    It's so wonderful when somebody comes up with a new preparation to combat the symptoms of the consumption of toxic chemical based artificial additives rather than to eliminate the cause of the problems, they would rather help hide the problem!

    I'm not knocking the hard work these people did in working to help ease the symptoms of autism! I think it's great! a little misguided, but great just the same.

    Please, take a look at the following website....


    There's this guy out there who made some discoveries about the artificial colors and put up this website.

    He figured out that his IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome was caused by the petroleum based coal tar food dyes.

    But I know it's more than just the dyes alone, it's all the artificial additives we are consuming and using in other products besides our foods.

    Honestly.... The additives caused me some of the same problems and I can remember (before the big life changing diet and lifestyle change) that I was more irregular than I was regular.

    Things get normal when you take away the problems!

    I don't have very many problems like that anymore, unless I eat something that really is bad.

    Crohns, IBS, and just plain old diarrhea can all be linked to what the toxic chemicals do to our bodies. I think it should be obvious that the topical applications would not effect us in this manner, but eating and drinking it would most definitely effect us.

    What is the point of making a new vaccine to fight the problems that can be eliminated with a proper diet and some important lifestyle changes?

    Let another doctor inject another vaccine to fix the problems from another vaccine?

    To me... that's scary as hell!

    I know what this is and I know what is going on and I know how it's happening and the one and only way we will ever see anything change is if we change ourselves!

    Bitching, moaning and complaining wont do anything but mix everything up to the point that nothing gets done about it.

    Kind of like waiting for the GOP to approve something the Democrats want!


    We're back to that thing called.... "Choices"

    You want change, but you don't want to change yourself?

    How is that going to help you?

    It's not.

    If you don't change and things outside of the scope of things does not.... what happens when you consume the additives and it causes a miscarriage and you lose your baby?

    What's worse than Crohns? IBS? Diarrhea?

    How about Cancer? Diabetes? Autism and Alzheimer's?

    What could be worse than running to the bathroom? Chemotherapy? Having your pancreas, gall bladder, or other important internal organ removed because somehow.... your life got turned around because of some cancer thing that suddenly came out of nowhere?

    Toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, petroleum based coal tar and any of the many other toxic carcinogenic chemicals used to make your favorite beverage, or candy have that pretty rainbow of colors you love so very much.

    If you are given the choice to save those important body parts and have the chance of not dying from some horrible disease that eats you alive from the inside out, or living a long happy healthy life able to enjoy your life instead of laying in bed because you're so sick that you can't move..... because of something you thought was good, or good for you.

    You make that choice, or you do not.

    But YOU have to make it, because nobody is going to make it for you and those corporations do not care if you live, or die.

    You can pay them for helping you to feel better, or you can stop paying them for all the garbage that is making you sick?

    Tough choice?

    I don't think it's so tough!

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