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    UNITED ADVOCACY AGAINST CORPORATE MARGINALIZATION (UNAACOM) INTERNATIONAL is a global platform where all who genuinely share a common commitment to help abolish all forms of workplace marginalization come together to exercise their moral authority; unite their voices and, with one strong voice, raise an organized advocacy against the unfair practices of all the various forms of corporate marginalization meted against the millions of marginalized employees in many workplaces around the world, especially the outsourced graduate and non-graduate employees in many developing countries; and also take actions that would help eradicate the economic/financial scourge of this global workplace epidemic on its victims.


    UNAACOM is all about a noble advocacy against workplace marginalization; and not in any way an arrogant protest or an organized agitation for marginalized employees’ corporate rights and entitlements.


    UNAACOM INT’L is a global platform that helps to spread the awareness of the unfair practices of workplace marginalization against some members of an organizations’ workforce, especially the outsourced graduate and non-graduate employees.


    In the UNAACOM, we realize that all forms of workplace marginalization prevail and continue to thrive because people choose to be unconcerned and do nothing with their voice; hence our decision to no longer just watch and remain indifferent to the implementation of corporate policies, supposedly consistent with global best practices (G.B.P.), that promote a form of employment where:


    ● It is clearly stated in the respective offer letters of millions of outsourced employees, both the graduates and the non-graduates, that they are not members of staff of the organization they work in; therefore, they are not entitled to a share of the profit at the end of each financial year.


    ● A lower percentage is used to implement salary reviews for the outsourced employees, whereas a much higher percentage is used for the direct employees in the same organization.


    ● Outsourcing has become, as it were, an effective mechanism for the unfair recruitment of hundreds of millions of employees to become victims of the various forms of corporate marginalization, to mention but a few.

    We in the UNAACOM are aware that most businesses around the world, especially the ones in developing countries, are experiencing one form of financial/economic challenge or the other as they are struggling to recover from the effects of the recent global financial meltdown. UNAACOM INT’L is aware of the need for corporations to make huge profits in order to continue to stay in business and return high dividends to their investors/shareholders. We do know that one way a business can post profits is to cut costs. We support corporate organizations’ brilliant initiatives to cut costs so as to maximize profits; however, not only do we see the grave long term dangers and financial losses a business organization stands to suffer if it subscribes to the Global Unfair Practices (G.U.P.) of marginalizing some of its employees, especially the outsourced graduate and non-graduate employees, as a cost-cutting measure/initiative in an effort to post higher profits. We also warn discerning captains of industry/employers of labour about these dangers so that they can retrace their steps and give a more careful thought to this unfair line of action; and thus, be able to prevent their businesses from suffering imminent losses.


    Imagine a family where the parents allow half of their children to eat quality meals in sufficient quantity on the same dining table with them while these same parents make provision for the other half of their children to sit on the floor and eat less nutritious meals that barely satisfy them, simply because they want to cut down their family’s feeding costs. Yet these parents would readily tell any guest who comes to their home and sees this type of unfair treatments that they love all their children equally and that they are “one big and happy family”.


    As part of UNAACOM International’s efforts to make the world of work a much better place for the hundreds of millions of outsourced employees (especially in many developing countries) who are victims of one form of corporate marginalization or the other, we in the UNAACOM are, among others:


    - Shining a light on the ills of the various forms of workplace marginalization;
    - Amplifying the hurting voices of the victims;
    - Highlighting success stories and strides of our ambassadors in this global anti corporate marginalization advocacy (ACMA);
    - Praying to God that as captains of industry/employers of labour heed our advocacy in compliance with Biblical Best Practices (B.B.P.), that even though their overhead costs may momentarily increase but that God would give such businesses supernatural increase and make them to post higher profits than they thought was possible;
    - Advocating that the government should offer significant tax reduction, as an incentive, to business organizations that heed our advocacy and end every form of workplace marginalization to compensate for the increase in their overhead costs which is geared, among others, towards helping the country achieve and sustain a double digit growth in her Gross Domestic Product (GDP), among other national economic goals; and towards averting another global financial meltdown, among other global economic goals. (For if the very primary foundations of global financial prosperity are destroyed, there is hardly anything remedial the best economists or other group of concerned persons can do to prevent a global economic crisis. Global economic crises do not just happen; they are, to a large extent, a result of a chain of critically unsound private sector-initiated, nationally condoned and globally accepted workplace [economic/business] policies/practices.)
    - Sharing ways that everyone can make a positive difference in this anti corporate marginalization advocacy (ACMA);
    - Inviting the world to join us on the 18th of June every year in commemorating Annual World Advocacy Against Workplace Marginalization (WAAWM) Day.
    - Appealing to institutions of authority, the media and people – especially public figures/celebrities to become active ambassadors for this cause and persuade captains of industry/employers of labour, especially in the developing countries, to end their indifference towards the plight of the victims and show that they are truly committed to wiping the tears off their eyes by ensuring that these marginalized employees also enjoy good conditions of service; so that the sweet dreams which these victims have about their individual economic future can seamlessly begin to unfold into a blissful reality as the world of work, globally, which these millions of marginalized, outsourced employees – boys and girls; graduates and non-graduates; young and old; fathers and mothers, once believed in, can begin to shine again in the hope it will offer them for a brighter financial future:


    1. A future where it will be clearly stated in their respective offer letters that they are not contract (outsourced) employees but direct employees of the company they work in; and as such, they are entitled to the annual profit share which the company pays to all its employees.


    2. A future where there would no longer be differing conditions of service, remuneration, allowances, privileges etc between two sets of employees (whether the graduates or the non-graduates) with the same academic qualifications and discharging the same job functions in the same workplace. One set will not be employed directly and made staff while the other is outsourced (i.e. contracted); one set will not be cared for and entitled to a share of the profit while the other set is neglected and deprived of it; one set will not be cared for and entitled to official meals in the workplace while the other set is neglected and deprived of them, etc.


    3. A future where the only corporate gifts they get at the end of every year will no longer be ten free pieces of the company’s official “Season’s Greetings” cards; but a future where they would also be included in the distribution of other corporate gifts e.g. diaries (either pocket or executive), T-shirts, backpacks, etc as the custom is for the direct employees.


    4. A future where the same percentage will be used to effect salary reviews for the non-graduate employees as used for the graduate employees because both groups of workers are direct employees of the same organization.


    5. A future where the same duration for a promotion will cut across for both graduate and non-graduate employees of the same workplace; and a future where no promotion list would be published if the names of the non-graduate employees who deserve promotion are not included.


    6. A future where not only will they also be invited to attend the annual awards ceremonies of their respective workplaces, but also where their hard work; productivity; diligence; integrity; commitment to work; and other outstanding contribution to the corporate vision of their workplace would be recognized and appreciated at such annual awards ceremonies.


    7. A future where any non-graduate employee who has worked for a couple of years and resigned, either to acquire a college degree or to take on a better offer, would no longer be left to go empty-handed but would be given a commensurate “GENEROUS FAREWELL GIFT” (G.F.G.) i.e. “Tangible Severance Package” (T.S.P.) to go and start up a new life with.


    8. A future where the competition in every industry will be the new and better conditions of service for the non-graduate employees which every organization will implement in a bid to surpassing the current standards which some of its competitors have already set in the industry.


    9. A future where “OUTSOURCING” will no longer be a mechanism for their unfair recruitment to become victims of the various forms of corporate marginalization.


    UNAACOM INT’L adopts an objective and balanced approach in its humble advocacy by looking at these unfair corporate practices from all angles – the increased/sustainable bottom line of the business organizations; the deteriorating welfare of the outsourced, marginalized employees; increased/sustainable government’s company and employee tax revenues; biblical perspective on employer-employee policies; the general good of the larger society – for instance, how these unfair workplace practices can jeopardize countries’ vision of achieving and sustaining a double digit growth in their Gross Domestic Product (GDP), among other national economic goals; and as a proactive measure towards averting another global financial meltdown, among other global economic goals.


    Our advocacy on the one hand seeks to challenge captains of industry and employers of labour to rise to the task of redefining "Global Best Practices" (G.B.P.) in line with "Biblical Best Practices" (B.B.P.) as a sure means of their businesses’ recovery from the persistent side effects of the recent Global Economic Recession as opposed to the fear of increasing costs thereby sinking deeper into the ocean of Global Financial Meltdown; while on the other hand, it seeks to challenge the Labour Congress, Industry Regulatory Bodies, the Church, you, the Legislative Arm of Government and other relevant authorities to expedite actions in sponsoring a bill called the “Anti Workplace Marginalization Bill” (AWMB) that would eradicate all forms of corporate marginalization against both the graduate and the non-graduate outsourced employees in every country to her Executive Arm of Government for immediate signing into law.


    Given the common knowledge that the practice of one form of workplace marginalization or the other against the outsourced employees is prevalent in many developing nations, UNAACOM INT’L seeks to make the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Trade Union Congress (ITUC), with their respective local counterparts in all countries; the United Nation (UN); governments etc. shift their focus from the mere creation of enabling environment for the organized private sector to thrive and be able to create more “marginalization-prone jobs” for the millions of the unemployed persons, as it were, to focusing more on how to ensure that those already employed but who are being marginalized in their various workplaces no longer suffer such unfairness; and on how to ensure that the hundreds of millions of the persons that are presently unemployed, especially the non-graduate persons, would not suffer any form of workplace marginalization when they eventually get employed in the private sector, which currently accounts for over 76% of jobs for this class of workers globally.


    In other words, we in the UNAACOM believe that the responsibilities of all relevant authorities concerned must shift from the number (quantity) of jobs that they are able to facilitate the private sector to create for this class of workers, which about 80% are ‘marginalization-prone’, to the quality of such jobs vis-à-vis their level of compliance with international labour standards – ‘marginalization-free jobs’. These are the types of jobs that will truly give the presently marginalized employees hope and satisfaction; as well as empower both the entrepreneurial but poor, and the scholarly employees to work themselves out of financial hardship by saving enough to establish certain income generating activities with which they can use to support themselves, especially if they choose to acquire a college degree, respectively.


    UNAACOM INT’L believes that eradicating all forms of workplace marginalization will go a long way in reducing, or possibly eradicating poverty among this class of workers; and this is consistent with one of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals.


    The truth is that this much desired "Global Corporate Emancipation" (G.C.E.) can quickly come true when we unite our individual voices as one in making this advocacy towards eradicating their pain.


    The end goals of this UNAACOM are both good and great enough to inspire us to unite our individual voices as one; bearing in mind that the present challenges and pain which workplace marginalization has inflicted on its victims cannot be overcome if we, for one second further, continue to subscribe to the same dysfunctional (skewed) mindset of a corporate paradigm which those who initiated these acts of unfairness imbibed when they began, not only to engineer, but to also implement corporate policies that facilitated workplace marginalization, no disrespect intended, hence this advocacy for a corporate paradigm shift.


    You can join us in this advocacy by taking a stand against all forms of workplace marginalization against some set of employees in the same workplace, especially the outsourced employees, if you would like the expression of your voice to also count towards making the workplace a much better place for all of them. (We are passionately ADVOCATING for the eradication of all forms of workplace marginalization against the outsourced employees; we are neither PROTESTING nor AGITATING for marginalized employees rights, etc). Let them know that you too care so that their cries for workplace fairness would not be in vain.


    To give you an idea of the number of graduates and non-graduates who presently are victims of the unfair practices of workplace marginalization, in your articles or blogs or social media pages ask your audience/followers/friends these questions:


    Q1. How many people are private sector workers (i.e. graduate or non-graduate employees in small, medium or big corporate organizations e.g. banks, oil companies, oil servicing companies, insurance companies, etc). They should indicate by responding YES to Q1. [Those who work in the public sector (i.e. graduate or non-graduate employees in either state or federal civil service are not included.]


    Q2. Those, both the graduates and the non-graduates, who are outsourced employees (i.e. contract staff), and not direct employees of their respective organization should indicate by responding YES to Q2. [They should not feel shy about it.]


    Q3. Those among these outsourced employees whose conditions of service and remuneration/allowances are not as good as those of the direct employees in the respective organization should indicate also by responding YES to Q3.


    Q4. How many of these outsourced, marginalized employees – both the graduates and the non-graduates, would like to see an end to all the various forms of workplace marginalization which they are presently experiencing; and would also like to see their organizations make them direct employees so that they too can begin to enjoy better conditions of service, higher remunerations and allowances? They should also indicate by responding YES to Q4.


    Q5. How many, among the direct employees, normally give a portion of their profit share to be shared among the outsourced employees who are generally deprived of profit share, among others, in the same office/organization? They should also indicate by responding YES to Q5.


    To help spread the awareness of workplace marginalization; amplify the voices of the victims and advocate for the global eradication of all the various forms of corporate marginalization against outsourced employees, especially the graduate and non-graduate employees in many developing countries, we in the UNAACOM recommend that read the book entitled: “Plight of Non-Graduate Employees”, written by someone who was a victim of workplace marginalization for eight years as he shares his story. The Kindle edition of this e-book is available on Amazon for US $9.99. (Please get a copy. It will shed more light on the various ramifications of these workplace unfairness. I am sure that you will find chapters 7 and 14 of this e-book very interesting.

    Please we implore you to go beyond just liking us on Facebook - and following us on Twitter -, and inviting your friends to do same. Draw a thick blue hexagon (i.e. a regular polygon with six equal sides and having all angles equal) and a thin smaller blue hexagon inside it, and inscribe: “1 B&HCF” (i.e. meaning “One Big and Happy Corporate Family”), and with a green-coloured ‘correct’ thick underneath the inscriptions [as shown on our Facebook page].


    You can draw this symbol on your hand, white T-shirt, Face cap, window, work station, wherever you like – be creative! Thereafter you can share such photos of your creativity with UNAACOM’s advocacy symbol with us on our Facebook page and with your friends. You can also post your comments or information on your projects/activities which you have initiated with your friends that promote this advocacy in your immediate environment and/or globally. We will be glad to know what you are doing in your own little way!

    Please join us in this noble global cause where your voice can make a great deal of a positive difference towards eradicating all the various forms of workplace marginalization against our graduate and non-graduate employees, especially those of them in the developing countries, and help spread the awareness of the scourge of corporate marginalization on its victims!

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