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    Posted December 1, 2013 by
    Seoul, South Korea

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    Democratic Party : Host body for political priests


    The priests who belong to the Catholic Priests' Association for Jutstice ('CPAJ') have actively participated in the political affairs since Roh Administration of Korea. Rev. Song, Gi-in, founder of Korea's Liberation Theology and clos friend of President Roh, took office of Chairman of Truth and Reconciliation Committee in 2006. This position allows anyone who takes the office to secular power, which obviously violates Code of Canon Law 285-3.


    Political priest of CPAJ claimed in 2003 that North Korea agent Kim, Hyun-hee is sham and fabricated by the military authoritarian government during the Roh Administration. This was absolutely false and even after Kim was proved to be genuine agent, they persistently kept their assertion as they stage hunger-strike.


    Since President Lee, Myung-bak took office, CPAJ priests opposed vehemently against Government projects including Four Major Rivers Project and Cheju Naval Base construction. They performed anti-government struggle through 'street masses for current situation' or homilies on the pulpit. In 2010, Bishop Kang, U-il, Chairman of CBCK (Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea) announced that Korean Church decided to oppose against the Four Major Rivers Project. But the agenda was not officially listed on CBCK's meeting and it only passed a Sub-committee for Environment. Therefore, it obviously violated the Code of Canon Law 455-4.


    When Cardinal Cheong said that the CBCK is not necessarily against the Four Major Rivers Project in December 2010, CPAJ priests, the militant anti-government faction, protested severely against the Cardinal's opinion and committed an unethical deed as they call for Cardinal's resignation. In May 2012, before the National Assembly election, CPAJ and Comittee for Peace and Justice of CBCK formed 'Catholic Solidarity' and held a rally to urge to stop the Four Major Rivers Project. In March 2012, the Election Management Committee ruled any meeting which is for or against the Project as illegal, because one may influence on the result of the election. They also opposed against the construction of Cheju Naval Base and Korea-US FDA conclusion. Regarding all these issues, CPAJ priests were exactly on the same path with the Democatic Party.


    In August 2013, Rev. Ham, Se-ung, the most outspoken activist in CPAJ visited Mr. Kim, Han-gil, chairman of Democratic Party, at his tent for outside struggle. He encouraged Mr. Kim for his outside struggle and said the presidential election is originally invalid as National Intelligenc Service intervened in the election. During the campaign period of 100 days, some officials of the intelligence institution put comments on internet articles. But, common citizens do not believe that about 100 and some comments reversed the result of the presidential election. At last, Rev. Park, Chang-shin of Jeonju diocese called for the resignation of President Park in an address of mass which was held at Suseongdong church on November 22nd. He also justified the bombing of North Korea on Yeonpeong Island three years ago and denied the possibility of Cheonan Ship's wreckage by North Korea. His remarks caused indigantion of the nation and brought about furious protests from the faithful and common citizens alike.


    In this situation, the Democratic Party is showing positive attitudes towards the CPAJ's left-leaning assertions, thus losing confidence and trust among the nation. Why are they unable to say right words about crooked behaviors of pro-North Korea priests? The answer is that the Democratic Party itself may be the host body for the CPAJ priests.

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